2023 Natural Field and You Meet at SupplySide East Exhibition

Supplyside East, a natural, healthy, and innovative ingredients exhibition in the United States, will be held in New Jersey from April 18-19, 2023. The SupplySide exhibition is held annually in the eastern and western regions of the United States. So far, it has developed into the largest international exhibition in the United States for natural extracts, pharmaceutical raw materials, fine chemical raw materials and intermediates, cosmetics, nutritional and health products, and Food Additives.

At the beginning of the exhibition, there was a continuous stream of visitors to our booth. The company team showcased a series of natural plant extracts that do not contain chemical solvents or other harmful additives. Our professional staff introduced the manufacturing process and advantages of the company’s biological extracts to visitors, including how to ensure the purity and effectiveness of the extracts, as well as how to ensure the quality and safety of the products.

The company’s booth also showcases NMN α- Lipoic acid, Creatine monohydrateDihydromyricetin, including new products under development, as well as daily necessities and health products manufactured using extracts, visitors can visually see these products and communicate with the company’s professionals, raise questions and provide suggestions. Some of the attendees were distributors of well-known health food stores. These buyers inquired in detail about the production process, quality inspection system, and our company’s product catalog, and the staff answered these questions in detail. The two parties had a great conversation. The company’s team actively answered their questions and demonstrated a comprehensive marketing strategy.

After these two days of exhibition, our products such as aloe vera series, NMN, lipoic acid, and creatine monohydrate have achieved good market results, and visitors pay the most attention to the information of these products.
Xi’an Natural Field has always adhered to the product concept of “health, high technology, and high quality”, striving for excellence in product production and contributing to the health cause!