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Xi’an Natural-Field Bio-technique Co., Ltd is a high-tech enterprise focusing on healthcare raw materials for 20 years. Our products mainly include creatine monohydrate, NMN, alpha lipoic acid, etc.We have become the world’s preferred raw material manufacturer with leading technology, strict quality control and excellent service.
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Nmn powder

Nmn Powder

Product Advantages

1. USP standard, GMP workshop production 2. Support both powder and granule forms, granule canister without static electricity; 3. high purity 99.5%, foreign customers verify the content can reach over 99.99%; 4. Sufficient inventory, stable supply ability 5. complete third-party testing, U.S. intertak content test report, third-party heavy metals, nutrition eight reports

Alpha Lipoic Acid

Product Advantages

1. Powder, granule, coating agent, solvent-free — all series are available.2. Granules are dry granulation without adding any other ingredients, uniform granules, easy to fill capsules. 3. Advanced technology, strict quality control, USP standard, GMP workshop. 4. Stable production, sufficient inventory, ready to ship.
Alpha Lipoic Acid
Creatine Monohydrate Powder

Creatine Monohydrate Powder

Product Advantages
1. GMP workshop production, the production process is more advanced than the market 2. The testing method is based on USP Pharmacopoeia, and supports commercial inspection. 3. Support OEM packaging, filling creatine, can support customized labels 4. Overseas warehouse in the United States, large inventory, fast delivery.

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