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Ca-AKG: An important intracellular regulator

 💬What is Ca-AKG?

Ca-AKG, or Calcium alpha-ketoglutarate, is a stable natural substance. It is the calcium salt form of alpha-ketoglutaric acid (AKG). AKG is an important metabolite produced in the famous tricarboxylic acid cycle in the mitochondria of cells, and is a key node of the intracellular carbon-nitrogen metabolic connection.

Calcium Alpha Ketoglutarate

In the early stages of life, AKG is made by our bodies during the energy production process, which takes place inside our cells. AKG fuels our cells and protects us for years as we grow. It also supports our bodies in times of injury, especially injured muscle tissue. The cellular fuel it provides also contributes to our digestive system and kidney function, as well as assisting in the building of bone tissue.

However, as we age, our body’s ability to make AKG gradually declines. Therefore, supplementing AKG by taking Ca-AKG is essential for normal metabolism and maintaining good health in old age.

💬 what are the benefits of Ca-AKG?

Ca-AKG may have several benefits for the human body:

1. Ca-AKG can act as a cell signaling molecule and affect the anti-aging process. It can delay aging by inhibiting ATP synthase and rapamycin (TOR). When mitochondria are partially suppressed, Ca-AKG extends the lifespan of C. elegans and mammals.

2. Ca-AKG is a key molecule of Krebs cycle and is involved in many basic physiological processes. It helps stimulate collagen and protein synthesis and supports stem cell proliferation. This may help maintain the normal function and health of the body.

3. Ca-AKG can also inhibit the breakdown of protein in muscles, making it a popular supplement among bodybuilders. This may help maintain muscle mass and strength.

💬What is the mechanism of Ca-AKG to delay aging? / How does it work?

The mechanism of Ca-AKG is that it can affect the overall speed of the trihydroxic acid cycle, thus affecting the activity of ATP synthase, and achieving the effect of delaying aging. It can also inhibit mTOR signal, inhibit ATP synthase expression, and indirectly activate Sirtuins proteins to achieve longevity regulation.

In scientific studies, Ca-AKG has been shown to improve the lifespan and healthy lifespan of mammals. It is an endogenous metabolite that extends the lifespan of aging mice and compresses morbidity. In a controlled study conducted in Florida, the Buck Institute on Aging found that Ca-AKG was able to reduce inflammatory cytokine levels and promote a longer, healthier life.

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Calcium Alpha Ketoglutarate

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