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2024 Target Responsibility Letter Signing Ceremony in Natural Field

On January 9, 2024, Xi’an Natural Field Bio-Technique Co.,Ltd held a grand and special signing ceremony for the 2024 Target Responsibility Letter in the hotel. This event is not only a solemn commitment to the company’s planning and goals for the coming year, but also an affirmation and review of the past year’s brilliant achievements.

In the morning, the company invited representatives of partners from all over the world to gather together. In the solemn and grand atmosphere, the signing ceremony was officially opened. The ceremony started at 9:00 a.m., and first of all, Mr. Peng, a mentor from Changsong Group, was invited by the company to give a lecture on the theme of “Relationship between Individual and Organization”. With philosophical language and vivid cases, Mr. Peng explained in depth the interdependence and common development between the individual and the organization, and how to realize personal value in the organization.

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Throughout the lecture, the employees paid full attention and recorded important points and insights from time to time.

Afterwards, Mr. Yang, the chairman of the company, delivered a passionate speech. He not only elaborated the company’s strategic planning for the coming year, including, team building, future goals, etc., but also reviewed the company’s brilliant achievements and major breakthroughs in the past year. Chairman Yang’s speech was full of confidence and passion, which made every employee present feel deeply excited.

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Immediately after, it was the most important part of the ceremony – signing the 2024 target responsibility letter. Mr. Yang, the president of the company, seven outstanding sales representatives and one gold medal buyer went up to the stage and signed the target responsibility letter with the company.

This link not only highlights the company’s clear requirements and expectations for each department, but also reflects the staff’s firm determination and commitment to accomplishing the goals.

At the signing ceremony, the company also prepared exquisite gifts for the representatives of the partners to express their gratitude and blessings. At the same time, both parties discussed the specific plans and implementation details of future cooperation, laying a solid foundation for further business expansion. Finally, all the staff took a group photo together, leaving a memorable photo.

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After completing the signing ceremony, it was already noon, and the company prepared a sumptuous lunch for the staff. In a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere, everyone enjoyed the food and exchanged ideas and experiences, and jointly envisioned the future development of the company.