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4 benefits of Tongkat ali for female

Tongkat Ali is a natural plant is also a health care ingredients, it is mainly produced in the tropical rainforests of Southeast Asia, from the root of a wild tree, it can be rooted into the ground two meters or so, and branching is particularly small, people collect it after the sun drying slices can be used in medicine, today we are introduced to the efficacy and effect of Tongkat ali on women and women taking Tongkat Ali has the benefits.

01.Gout relief

Gout is a woman’s high incidence of disease, especially after having children women are prone to gout, when the number of uric acid in the body of women will increase, they can speed up the body after taking Tongkat Ali uric acid discharged, and can inhibit the body’s absorption of acid, it can reduce the number of uric acid in the body, can make the gout symptoms soon relief.



02.Help pregnancy

In life, many women often appear in the uterus cold infertility and irregular menstruation and menstrual abdominal pain and other symptoms, in this case they take Tongkat Ali on the body has other benefits, it can warm the uterus to help pregnancy, can promote blood circulation in the female body, can improve the uterus and ovary function can also promote ovulation, can increase the chances of female fertilization.


pregnant women


Improve the body’s ability to resist fatigue is also an important role of Tongkat Ali for women, it can accelerate the female body’s androgen secretion, the number of this hormone is reduced after the women will feel fatigue, physical strength is difficult to recover, so let them take Tongkat Ali can accelerate the body’s hormone production, can make the body of the woman’s anti-fatigue ability to significantly increase!

04.Improve immunity

Enhance the body’s immunity is also an important role of Tongkat Ali on the female body, because Tongkat Ali in the natural oxidase, this substance into the human body can remove the body’s free radicals, can promote the woman’s body immune cell regeneration of women’s bodies to enhance the female body’s own immunity has a very obvious benefits, and often taken to enhance the quality of the body.

Does it have side effects?

Side effects of Tongkat Ali After centuries of use, no side effects of Tongkat Ali have been detected so far, but according to those who take it, it may cause insomnia and sweating when taken in high doses, making one irritable. Therefore, it is safer to take a low dose for two to four days and stop for one day as opposed to taking a high dose for one day.