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Agricultural Polyglutamic acid will have its day

Q: Do you know Polyglutamic acid?

Polyglutamic acid

Polyglutamic acid(PGA) is a naturally occurring polymer that belongs to the class of biopolymers known as polyamides. It is composed of repeating units of the amino acid glutamic acid, which are linked together by peptide bonds.

PGA is known for its unique properties, which make it useful in various applications. It is highly water-solublebiodegradable, and non-toxic, making it a safe and environmentally friendly substance. Due to its high molecular weight and excellent moisture retention capability, PGA is widely used in the cosmetics and skincare industry as a humectant and film-forming agent, it is utilized in various industries for its hydrating, moisturizing, and protective properties.

Q: Characteristics of Polyglutamic acid:

Non-toxic to the human body and the environment biodegradable, eco-friendly
Water soluble, can obtain odorless clean transparent solution
A hydrogel with excellent performance in the late stage of easy crosslinking
Can be made into sodium, calcium, magnesium, hydrogen type.

Uses of Polyglutamic acid: Cosmetics industry, food industry, agriculture, planting industry

Q: Main contributions of polyglutamate in agriculture:

1, polyglutamic acid has a good ability to lock water, can maintain water in the soil, while polyglutamic acid can effectively prevent the combination of sulfate, phosphate and calcium magnesium and other heavy metal elements, avoid root damage, promote the absorption and utilization of fertilizer.

2, polyglutamic acid is a polyanionic polymer, which can improve the cation exchange capacity of soil, gather nutrients in soil, and achieve the effect of increasing fertilizer efficiency.

3, polyglutamate can promote protein synthesis and avoid malformed fruit caused by malnutrition and the use of hormones.

4, Polyglutamic acid molecules contain more than 1000 -COOH, which can fully retain water in soil, improve the bulk and voidage of viscous soil, and improve the fertilizer and water retention capacity of sandy soil.

5, polyglutamic acid has a unique biostimulating function: scientific experiments have shown that: 5-7 days after the application of polyglutamic acid, the leaves become green and thick, and the growth has texture and stands, and the root hair will be developed by 15% in 15 days, which can increase the fertilizer utilization rate by 20%, the average crop increase by 10-25%, and the root crop increase by more than 60%.

Polyglutamic acid

The growth effect of various crops after using polyglutamic acid (pic 1)


Q: Application of polyglutamate in cosmetics:

  • Long-term moisturizing: promote the expression of matrix protein, increase natural moisturizing factor (NMF), better than hyaluronic acid and collagen, maintain skin moisture for a long time, enhance skin elasticity, reduce skin wrinkles;
  • Whitening and brightening: protects against ultraviolet rays, inhibits tyrosinase activity, down-regulates oxygen free radicals (ROS), and blocks melanin production.