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Analysis of Amygdalin: comprehensive, efficient, and safe

Q: Do you know Amygdalin?
Amygdalin is a naturally occurring compound found in the seeds of many fruits, particularly in bitter almonds and apricot kernels. It is classified as a cyanogenic glycoside, which means it contains a sugar molecule attached to a cyanide group. Amygdalin is known for its bitter taste.

Q: What are the benefits of Amygdalin?

1. Cough reliefIt is used to lower the upper reverse of lung qi and stagnation and enter lung meridian. Wind-cold cough asthma can be taken with licorice, ephedra; Wind-heat cough can be taken with chrysanthemum and mulberry leaves. Dry heat can be combined with sand ginseng, fritillaria to clear lung moistening dryness. Lung heat can be combined with gypsum heat release lung.

2. moistening bowel It is used to treat constipation caused by intestinal dryness, and is generally taken together with herbs such as plum seeds and Chinese cypress seeds. Patients with constipation due to blood deficiency should be taken in combination with local and angelica sinensis. 

3. CosmetologyUsed to moisturize skin and improve skin blood circulation. It is rich in vitamins B1, B2 and volatile oil can reduce skin wrinkles, make the skin rosy, slow down skin aging, especially suitable for female friends.

Q: Differences between Bitter almonds and sweet almonds: