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Arbutin VS Niacinamide VS VC

Both arbutin and niacinamide and VC have whitening effects, but why is arbutin more popular in the whitening field?

1. Better whitening effect: The whitening effect of arbutin is almost ten times that of niacinamide and VC, and the effect is faster.

2. The whitening mechanism is more stable: the production of melanin is cut off from inhibiting the activity of tyrosinase, instead of just reducing the activity of melanin like nicotinamide, so the effect is more stable and suitable for a wider range of people. Arbutin is a more direct and effective whitening ingredient than niacinamide~ As for why there is no niacinamide fire, it is purely because of the high cost of this product!

3. It is not photosensitive. The biggest problem with VC whitening that can be used every day is that the ingredients are too photosensitive. If you don’t use sunscreen during the day, you will get darker.

Therefore, arbutin is simple and practical.

In addition, our arbutin does not only have a whitening effect.

1. Arbutin can competitively and reversibly inhibit tyrosinase, thereby inhibiting the formation of melanin and achieving the effects of whitening, brightening, and freckle removal.

2. Repair damaged arbutin can inhibit the degradation of proteins such as insulin in vitro experiments, can promote the growth of skin cells, and help heal wounds. The in vitro culture experiments of human skin cells show that when arbutin exists in trace amounts (10-3mmol/L), the growth rate of cells is significantly improved, and it has a skincare function.

3. Antioxidants Because arbutin has a good effect on skin conditioning, it can maintain the activity of cells while repairing damage, so it has a certain antioxidant effect.

4. Sunscreen arbutin also has the effect of absorbing ultraviolet rays. Some researchers have made special tests on sunscreen products with added arbutin and found that arbutin shows a certain ability to absorb ultraviolet rays.