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Artemisinin 98% purity in Natural Field

Mention of artemisinin, we have to mention a key figure – won the Nobel Prize in Literature Professor Tu Youyou, since Professor Tu Youyou won the Nobel Prize, artemisinin into the world’s attention, which is undoubtedly a great discovery of modern medicine, artemisinin is a combination of Chinese and Western medicine results.

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Most people know about artemisinin because it fights cancer, so is it really effective in fighting cancer?

♦Artemisinin benefits for treatment of cancer

1.Artemisinin has anticancer effects, inducing apoptosis in a variety of cancer cells, inhibiting the growth and metastasis of cancer cells, and regulating the expression of cyclin in tumor cells.

2.Artemisinin enhances certain immune responses, which may enhance the body’s immune response to tumors. These effects may be similar to the mechanisms involved in its antimalarial action, particularly in relation to heme synthesis and activity.

Other than fighting cancer, what are the benefits?

Artemisinin and its derivatives are effective anti-malarial drugs, mainly used to treat Plasmodium infections, including falciparum malaria and intertrigo malaria. It interferes with the cell membrane and mitochondrial function of Plasmodium, leading to the death of the parasite. Combination therapy with artemisinin-based drugs is the most effective and important means of treating malaria today.

Artemisinin has an anti-inflammatory effect, which can inhibit the release of a variety of cytokines and chemokines in the inflammatory response, thus reducing the inflammatory response.

Artemisinin can improve the immune function and enhance the body’s immunity, which is suitable for people with low immune function.


Immunocompromised people get sick more often

At the same time, artemisinin also has a detoxification effect, can help the body inside the toxins out of the body.

How does artemisinin work against cancer?

1.Inhibition of tumor cell proliferation: Artemisinin can interfere with the cell cycle of tumor cells, preventing their normal division and proliferation, thus inhibiting tumor growth.

2.Inducing apoptosis: Artemisinin can induce apoptosis of tumor cells, i.e., by initiating the intracellular suicide program, the tumor cells will die out by themselves.

3.Inhibit tumor cell migration and invasion: Artemisinin can interfere with the adhesion and motility of tumor cells, reduce their migration and invasion to surrounding tissues or distant organs, thus reducing the risk of cancer spread.

4.Regulating immune response: Artemisinin can regulate the immune response of the body, enhance the immune response of the body to the tumor and activate the immune system to attack the tumor cells.

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