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Benefits of CA-AKG in hair care

CA-AKG, as a novel bioactive substance, is gradually gaining attention for its role in hair loss prevention. First of all, what is ca-akg?

CA-AKG, the calcium salt form of AKG. It participates in a variety of metabolic processes in the human body, especially in energy metabolism and nitrogen metabolism, where it plays an important role. In recent years, it has been found that CA-AKG has potential functions such as promoting hair growth and improving the scalp environment, which makes it show a broad application prospect in the field of hair loss prevention.

How does CA-AKG work to prevent hair loss?

This is mainly related to its improvement of the scalp environment and hair follicle health.


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1. CA-AKG can promote blood circulation of the scalp and provide more nutrients and oxygen to the hair follicles, which helps to maintain the normal physiological function of the hair follicles.

2. Secondly, CA-AKG can regulate the oil secretion of the scalp, improve the scalp environment, and reduce the clogging of hair follicles and hair loss problems caused by excessive oil.

3. In addition, CA-AKG has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects, which can reduce scalp inflammation and protect hair follicles from damage.

In addition to the above mechanisms, CA-AKG may also promote hair growth by regulating the proliferation and differentiation of hair follicle cells. The proliferation and differentiation of hair follicle cells are the basis of hair growth, and CA-AKG is able to influence the growth cycle of these cells to keep them in a healthy growth state. Therefore, by supplementing CA-AKG, you can effectively improve hair loss and promote healthy hair growth.

Is there any data support?

Prof. Brian Kennedy, from Singapore, has a paper on 20% life extension in mice, which mentions the effect of CaAKG in increasing the number of melanocytes in hair follicles and turning gray hair black.


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What are the potential mechanisms?

01 CA-AKG can promote the energy metabolism process in the cell. As a key molecule in the Krebs cycle, it is involved in energy production and distribution. In scalp and hair follicle cells, CA-AKG can help increase energy levels and support normal physiological cell function. This increase in energy is essential for the growth and differentiation of hair follicle cells, thus contributing to healthy hair growth.

02 CA-AKG also plays an important role in amino acid metabolism and protein synthesis. Hair growth and repair requires large amounts of protein as raw material. CA-AKG stimulates collagen and protein synthesis, providing essential nutritional support for hair. By increasing the protein content in the scalp and hair follicles, CA-AKG helps to strengthen the structure of the hair and reduce hair loss problems.

03 CA-AKG has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. As we age, the scalp environment is susceptible to oxidative stress and inflammation, leading to decreased follicle function and hair loss problems.CA-AKG is able to neutralize free radicals and mitigate the damage caused by oxidative stress on the scalp and hair follicle cells. At the same time, it can inhibit inflammatory reactions and reduce scalp inflammation, creating a healthier environment for hair follicles to grow.

It is also worth mentioning that CA-AKG plays an important role in regulating cell signaling. It can affect cell growth and differentiation by binding to proteins that regulate epigenetic processes and cell signaling. This mechanism may help regulate the growth cycle of hair follicle cells to keep them in a healthy growth state, thus helping to prevent hair loss.

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