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Benefits of Vitamin K2 for Kids

Vitamin K2 plays an important role in bone health and cardiovascular protection, and is known as the secret weapon in maintaining human health.

what are the benefits of vitamin K2?

♦Promotes Bone Health: vitamin K2 is essential for bone health. It helps activate specific proteins in the bones and directs the deposition of calcium ions in the bones, thereby enhancing the density and hardness of the bones. This action is effective in preventing bone diseases such as osteoporosis and reducing the risk of fractures.

♦Maintains cardiovascular health: vitamin K2 also has a significant protective effect on the cardiovascular system. It inhibits calcium deposition on the walls of blood vessels, preventing atherosclerosis and narrowing of blood vessels, thus reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease. In addition, Vitamin K2 regulates the clotting factors in the blood, maintains the normal clotting function of the blood and prevents thrombosis.

♦Promote blood clotting function: Vitamin K2 is essential for the synthesis of clotting factors and is involved in the clotting process in the liver, helping to maintain normal blood clotting function. This is important in preventing bleeding disorders caused by clotting problems.

♦Improves Joint Function: Vitamin K2 helps to improve joint function by maintaining lubricity and reducing friction and discomfort. This is especially important for the elderly, as joint tissues lose elasticity and become stiff with age.

♦Enhances Muscle Strength: Proper intake of vitamin K2 can enhance muscle strength to a certain extent and improve balance, which can help prevent the occurrence of fall-related fractures.


Childhood is the prime time for bone development. Failure to develop bones properly can affect normal growth and development and make children more susceptible to bone disease in adulthood.

How do we supplement vitamin K2?

First of all, human intestinal flora produces a small amount of vitamin K2, but it is not easily absorbed.

Foods rich in vitamin K2 include fermented foods such as natto, cheese and yogurt, and to a lesser extent, small amounts of vitamin K2 are also found in animal foods such as meat and egg yolks.



What’s the best way to keep your bones healthy?

1. Nutritionally balanced diet

Adequate intake of calcium and nutrients such as vitamin D and vitamin K2 should be ensured. Fish, nuts and green leafy vegetables, etc., to achieve a balanced diet.

2. Moderate exercise

Children and adolescents should keep exercising every day. Moderate outdoor activities and sunlight exposure are conducive to the synthesis of vitamin D, which in turn promotes the absorption of dietary calcium and facilitates bone growth.

3. Daily supplementation

Daily supplementation with Vitamin K2 can help to protect your health.

What are the benefits other than helping with bone development?

Vitamin K2 also has a positive effect on improving your child’s immunity. When the body’s immunity is low, appropriate supplementation of vitamin K2 can enhance the child’s resistance and prevent the occurrence of diseases. Vitamin K2 can also promote the development of the brain, improve intelligence and memory, so that the child’s brain function is more perfect.

In addition, vitamin K2 helps to combat vitamin K deficiency bleeding in newborns, which is one of the common health problems in newborns. By supplementing vitamin K2, you can effectively prevent this bleeding condition from occurring and safeguard your child’s health.