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Calcium AKG Longevity in Natural Field

As we age, the levels of some key metabolites will decline, such as NAD+ and AKG, and the decline in their levels will seriously affect our normal physiological activities, prompting the body towards aging, mentioning anti-aging, the first thing that comes to most people’s mind is NMN, which is the well-deserved king of the anti-aging world. However, Ca-AKG has been very hot in recent years, and why is it so hot?

Why is Ca-AKG so hot? Is it more powerful than NMN in terms of anti-aging?

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Ca-AKG for anti-aging

01 AKG, a key molecule in the Krebs cycle, is involved in many fundamental physiological processes.Ca-AKG, a stabilized form of AKG, helps to promote a longer, healthier life by lowering inflammatory cytokine levels.

02 Ca-AKG’s ability to inhibit protein breakdown in muscle has made it a popular supplement among bodybuilders. In addition, it is able to enhance muscle endurance by increasing glutamine utilization, promoting muscle synthesis, and accelerating muscle repair and growth.


03 Ca-AKG also promotes the normal function of nerve cells. By increasing the production of hyaluronic acid and collagen, Ca-AKG makes the skin firmer and more elastic and reduces wrinkles and blemishes, thus demonstrating anti-aging effects.

(study)Ca-AKG was found to significantly extend the lifespan and survival rate of mice, reduce inflammatory cytokine levels and morbidity, and significantly improve aging phenotypes, such as hairiness and hunching, resulting in healthier mice. This effect was particularly evident in male mice, whose median lifespan was significantly extended.

04 Ca-AKG also promotes myocardial mitochondrial phagocytosis by restoring mitochondrial morphology and function, reduces ROS toxicity and apoptosis, and has a mitigating effect on the symptoms of myocardial fibrosis, thus further demonstrating its potential in the field of anti-aging.

NMN and ca-akg in anti-aging

The main role of NMN in anti-aging is to enhance cellular energy metabolism and DNA repair by promoting intracellular synthesis of NAD+, an important coenzyme that participates in a variety of biochemical reactions within the cell and is essential for maintaining normal cellular function and metabolism. NMN helps to slow down the aging process and improve body resistance by enhancing the normal functioning of the mitochondria, revitalizing cellular energy metabolism, and enhancing the production of ATP. production, helping to slow down the aging process and increase the body’s resistance.


What are the different mechanisms of action of NMN and CA-AKG in anti-aging?

NMN enhances cellular energy metabolism and DNA repair by promoting NAD+ synthesis, while CA-AKG focuses on muscle synthesis, recovery and skin firming. In other words, NMN focuses on the inside while ca-akg focuses on the outside.

Both have their own advantages, and you can choose the right anti-aging product for you based on your personal needs and physical condition.

Ca-akg time and dosage

What is the recommended dosage cycle? Can I take it for a long time?

The recommended dosage cycle is 3 months. The exact dosage cycle may vary for each individual due to individual differences in physical condition. Regular medical check-ups are recommended during the period of taking AkG to keep track of any changes in your physical condition.AkG can be taken for a long period of time. As its ingredients are all natural plant extracts with no side effects, it can be taken for a long period of time to maintain a healthy body condition.