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Comparison of now and Natural Field taurine powders

Now Foods and Natural Field are two well-known health product manufacturers that both produce Taurine powder, an amino acid that serves a variety of important physiological functions in the body, such as maintaining normal heart and brain function, promoting energy metabolism and nerve conduction. In this article, we will compare Taurine powder from these two companies to help consumers make a better choice.


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  • Ingredients and Purity

Now Foods’ Taurine powder is made from 100% pure Taurine with no additives or fillers. It has a single ingredient and is extremely pure.

Natural Field’s Taurine Powder also claims to be made from 100% pure Taurine, but the ingredients list lists “finely ground natural mineral salts” in addition to Taurine. This could mean that the product contains minerals or impurities other than Taurine.

Conclusion: In terms of ingredients and purity, Now Foods’ Taurine powder is superior.

  • Production Process

Now Foods uses an advanced spray-drying process to produce Taurine powder, which ensures that the product has high purity and good flowability. In addition, the company ensures the safety and quality of its products through heavy metal testing and microbiological testing.

Natural Field, on the other hand, claimed that its Taurine powder was extracted through a unique condensation process, but did not provide more details about the production process.

✅Conclusion: In terms of production process, Now Foods’ spray-drying process offers a higher level of technology and quality assurance.

  • Packaging and Storage

Now Foods’ Taurine powder is packaged in hermetically sealed aluminum foil pouches, which keeps the product airtight and fresh. In addition, the company offers clear plastic pail packaging, making it easy for consumers to see how much product is left.

Natural Field’s Taurine powder is packaged in a similar foil pouch seal, but the availability of other packaging options was not mentioned.

Verdict: The two companies are not too far apart when it comes to packaging and storage, but Now Foods offers clear plastic pail packaging for greater convenience.

  • Price and Value

Now Foods’ Taurine powder is typically priced higher, but consumers may perceive it as a high value product given its high purity, manufacturing process, and packaging quality.

Natural Field’s Taurine powder is relatively inexpensive, but appears to be slightly less expensive in terms of ingredients, production process, and packaging.


When it comes to price versus value, consumers need to make a trade-off based on their needs and budget.

Now Foods and Natural Field’s Taurine powders have their own strengths and weaknesses; Now Foods’ Taurine powder is superior in terms of ingredients and purity, production process, and packaging and storage, while Natural Field’s product is more competitive in terms of price and value. As a result, Now Foods’ Taurine powder may be a better choice for consumers who are concerned about quality and safety. However, the final choice should also be based on one’s needs and budget.