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Daily etiquette training: Natural field with you

Date: November 4, 2023 (Saturday)

Training personnel: All employees of each department

Training location: conference room

Recently, our company welcomed a heavyweight guest – Southern Airlines Training Department professional etiquette training manager etiquette instructor Ma Ning, she will conduct a simple etiquette training for our employees, aimed at improving the professional quality and personal image of employees.

China is known as the “a state of ceremonies“, and etiquette plays an important role in our daily life and work. In order to further improve the comprehensive quality of the company’s employees, strengthen the overall image of the company, improve the business order rate, customer satisfaction; Improve the cohesiveness among employees and increase their self-confidence and work awareness. Our company specially invited this etiquette instructor to conduct training for all employees.

In the training, etiquette instructors combined with rich cases and practical experience to teach employees the basic norms and skills of daily etiquette. She stressed that etiquette is not only a superficial form, but also a reflection of respect for people and self-cultivation. Through this training, employees not only learned how to regulate their own behavior, but also learned how to better communicate with people and establish good interpersonal relationships.

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Our company has been committed to improving the comprehensive quality of employees, this etiquette training is undoubtedly an important step to achieve this goal. Employees said they benefited from the training, not only gaining a deeper understanding of etiquette, but also applying it in practical work.

Our company has always believed that the growth of employees is the key to the development of enterprises. We believe that under the guidance of etiquette instructors, our employees will pay more attention to the promotion of professional quality and personal image, and make greater contributions to the long-term development of the company.

In the future, our company will continue to carry out such training activities to provide more opportunities for employees to learn and grow, in order to achieve the common development of enterprises and employees. We expect that every employee can become a more excellent and professional workplace under the guidance of etiquette training.

This etiquette training activity not only allows our employees to gain a wealth of knowledge, but also adds luster to the overall image of the company. We are convinced that with the joint efforts of everyone, all the staff of Tianfeng Biology will continue to write a brilliant chapter belonging to us with a better image.