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Does dihydromyricetin help with weight loss?

What is dihydromyricetin?

Dihydromyricetin is a natural product with a chemical structure similar to myricetin and is widely used in the pharmaceutical field. It is a secondary metabolite extracted from plants and has various biological activities, which has attracted much attention.

Does dihydromyricetin help with weight loss?

Dihydromyricetin DHM is the most bioactive flavonoid component in rattan tea. Previous studies have shown that DHM has an anti-lipogenesis effect in fat cells. Recent studies have shown that DHM can reduce the weight of obese mice and improve the disorder of glucose and lipid metabolism. In addition, DHM stimulates beige fat formation in white and primary adipocytes and increases energy expenditure by activating the IRF4/PGC-1α signaling pathway.

Researchers did an experiment with dihydromyricetin to improve obesity in mice:

1.DHM improves obesity in obese mice

DHM did not alter energy intake, but it did reduce weight by reducing fat content in obese mice.

2.DMH can prevent metabolic function in obese mice

Obesity is often associated with disorders of glucose and lipid metabolism. The results showed that DHM could improve insulin sensitivity of obese mice. In addition, DHM significantly reduced serum TG levels and improved hepatic steatosis in obese mice. These results suggest that DHM can improve metabolic characteristics.

3.DHM promotes Browning of white fat

According to the reduction of fat mass, the white fat mass of DHM treated mice was lower than that of control group. In addition, there are some multilocular fat cells in white fat, which is a morphological feature of brown adipose tissue (BAT). These results suggest that DHM may ameliorate diet-induced obesity by inducing Browning of white fat without inhibiting adipocyte differentiation and lipid synthesis.


In addition to losing weight, what are the benefits of dihydromyricetin to the human body?

1. Research has shown that dihydromyricetin has inhibitory effects on various pathogenic microorganisms, including bacteria, fungi, and viruses. Its antibacterial effect can not only treat infectious diseases, but also prevent infection.

2.Dihydromyricetin also has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects. Research has found that dihydromyricetin can eliminate free radicals in the body, reduce oxidative stress reactions, and combat oxidative damage to cells. At the same time, it can also inhibit inflammatory reactions and alleviate pain and discomfort caused by inflammation.

3.Dihydromyricetin also exhibits anti-tumor activity. Research has found that it can inhibit the growth and diffusion of tumor cells, induce tumor cell apoptosis, and thus have anti-tumor effects. Therefore, dihydromyricetin is considered a potential anti-tumor drug.

Which groups of people are suitable for supplementing dihydromyricetin?

1. People with stomach problems
2. People who want to lose weight
3. People who stay up late
4. Smokers
5. The elderly and the three high groups
6. Usually afraid of cold, low body temperature