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Does nmn promote hair growth?

Q: Why do we lose hair?

What causes us to lose our hair? Is it a problem with bodily functions, or is it age? Or maybe it’s a deficiency of some element? And why can nmn improve hair loss and make gray hair black? Is there any data behind it? Today we are going to discuss this topic, hopefully after reading this article, you can gain something.

Hair loss is a complex phenomenon that is constituted by the following reasons:

01Genetic factors

The condition of the hair may be affected by genetic factors. If parents or other immediate elders have baldness, the patient may be genetically predisposed to develop hair loss. In particular, androgenetic alopecia, also known as seborrheic alopecia, has a high genetic predisposition.

02Endocrine disorders

Abnormal endocrine disorders in the body may also cause hair loss. For example, endocrine disorders such as hypothyroidism and hypopituitarism, as well as poor lifestyle habits such as irregular work and rest and staying up late for long periods of time, may lead to endocrine imbalance, which in turn affects hair growth.


Fungal infections may affect the oil secretion of the scalp and cause symptoms of hair loss. In addition, folliculitis is also a common cause of hair loss. If the hair follicles in the scalp area are invaded by bacteria and other pathogenic bacteria, the hair follicle area will be damaged, thus triggering hair loss.

04Mental stress

prolonged stress may lead to poor blood circulation in the scalp, affecting the normal blood supply to the hair follicles, resulting in hair loss.


Malnutrition is also an important cause of hair loss. If patients usually do not pay attention to a balanced diet intake, resulting in a lack of nutrients in the body, especially protein, vitamins and other nutrients, hair loss may occur.


 Healthy Diet

06Physical and chemical factors

Physical factors such as mechanical stimulation, exposure to radioactive substances, excessive exposure to ultraviolet rays, and frequent use of hot blow dryers, as well as certain chemical factors, may lead to hair loss.

Does nmn help with hair loss?

David Andrew Sinclair, a professor from Harvard University, says in his article called This is not an advice article: I take 750 mg of NMN every morning, along with a gram of resveratrol and 500 mg of metformin.

NMN can promote hair growth.NMN is a precursor of NAD+ (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide), which is involved in a variety of life activities within cells, including energy metabolism, DNA repair and gene expression. As we age, the level of NAD+ in the body gradually decreases, leading to a decline in cellular function, which in turn triggers a series of aging symptoms, including hair loss.

Boosting NAD+ level: NMN is an important substance for energy cycle reaction in the body. As we age and due to various external factors, NAD+ levels gradually decrease, resulting in the hair mother cells not having enough ATP for protein synthesis of hair, which ultimately causes the hair mother cells to lose their vitality and produce gray hair. By supplementing NMN, the level of NAD+ can be elevated, thus prompting the protein synthesis and melanin production of hair to return to normal, and turning gray hair black again.

hair loss

By converting into NAD+, NMN can replenish intracellular NAD+ levels, improve cellular function, and slow down the decline NMN has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects, which can help improve hair loss. Oxidative stress and inflammatory response are important factors in the process of hair loss, and they exacerbate the damage of hair follicle cells, leading to hair loss.The antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects of NMN can protect the hair follicle cells from damage and promote hair growth.

Any tips on how to prevent hair loss?

1. Adjust diet

Increase the intake of protein-rich foods, such as fish, beans, lean meat, etc. Protein is a major component of hair and helps hair growth and repair.

Consume more foods rich in vitamins and minerals, especially vitamins A, B, C and E, as well as iron and zinc, which are essential for healthy hair.

2 . Keep your scalp clean:

Use a mild shampoo and avoid shampoo products that contain too many chemicals.

3. Reduce stress:

Learn to relax yourself and reduce stress through meditation, yoga and deep breathing.

Get enough sleep. A good night’s sleep helps relieve stress and promote hair growth.