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Does taking creatine have negative effects on the body?

Does taking creatine have negative effects on the body?

Reasonable consumption of creatine will not bring negative effects to the body, and everyone can eat it with confidence. However, there are several categories of people and situations that need special attention when taking them:

1. Have kidney problems

The liver and kidney are the places where creatine is metabolized. Taking creatine will not only aggravate the disease, but even cause functional failure and endanger life (although the current production technology of creatine can make it more than 99.9% pure, the impurity dihydrotrit uridine and dihydroamine harm the excretory function of the kidneys)

2. Poor gastrointestinal function

Pure creatine is very irritating to the stomach and intestines, and some people may experience diarrhea after drinking it. Therefore, it is recommended to drink with glucose and protein powder nutrients when taking it to alleviate the related conditions.

3. Teenagers in the growth and development period are not recommended to eat

During adolescence, physical development is mainly based on height growth. At this time, deliberately developing strength will accelerate bone calcification and affect height growth.

4. Low blood sugar before exercise

Low creatine will accelerate the consumption of energy in the body, so you must add enough calories before exercise. If your blood sugar is insufficient, you may experience dizziness and low blood sugar during exercise.

5. Creatine cannot be used with some fat loss products
Some products containing steroids, insulin-like factors, and alkali products containing ephedrine cannot be eaten with creatine, especially “ephedrine”, which can damage the body in mild cases and cause death in severe cases.