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Erythritol – Healthy Food Ingredients

Today we are going to talk about Erythritol, which many fitness people must have heard of, it is a filler sweetener with the molecular formula C₄H₈O₄, which is found in small quantities in fermented foods such as wine, beer, soy sauce.

Why is it a boon for the fitness crowd? Because it is not absorbed by the body and does not participate in metabolism, simply put, drinks made from erythritol do not run the risk of putting on weight.

what fields it can be used?

Erythritol is widely used in many fields, especially in food and pharmaceutical manufacturing.

In the food processing industry, it can be used in bakery products, all kinds of pastries, dairy products, chocolate, chewing gum, beverages, ice cream and other food products, not only to maintain the color and flavor of the food, but also effectively prevent the food from deteriorating. Its sweetness is similar to sucrose, but the calorie is only one-third of sucrose, and will not cause a significant increase in blood sugar and insulin, so it is suitable for diabetic patients.


At the same time, erythritol can also replace sucrose to make low-calorie health food, suitable for obesity, hypertension and cardiovascular disease patients.

Although erythritol has side effects, but will not particularly affect our lives, for their own health, it is better to use caution.

First of all, excessive intake of erythritol may lead to gastrointestinal discomfort, such as causing symptoms like flatulence or diarrhea. This is mainly because erythritol is not easily absorbed in the stomach and intestines, excessive intake may increase the burden on the stomach and intestines, especially for people suffering from digestive disorders, should be careful to eat.

Secondly, erythritol may have some impact on oral health. Long-term excessive intake may still cause some damage to the teeth, it is recommended that children should reduce the intake of food containing erythritol.

In addition, erythritol may also cause allergic reactions. Although this is rare, there is still a part of the population that may experience redness of the skin, shortness of breath and other allergic symptoms after ingesting erythritol. For this group of people, foods containing erythritol should be avoided.

Are there alternatives to erythritol?

Some alternatives to erythritol do exist. Taste, sweetness, calories, and potential health effects are usually considered when choosing an alternative. Here are some possible alternatives, here, we recommend 2 better alternatives to erythritol:

  1. Xylitol: Like erythritol, xylitol is a sugar alcohol. It has a similar taste to erythritol and a cooling sensation, but may have a slightly different sweetness. However, xylitol has slightly more calories than erythritol, so it may not be the best choice for some applications.
  2. Rohypnol: Rohypnol is a natural sweetener extracted from the Rohypnol fruit that is sweet but low in calories. Luo Han Guo Sugar is considered to have a low impact on blood sugar and does not cause dental caries. Therefore, it may be a good alternative to erythritol.

erythritol FAQs:

Q: Is erythritol bad for diabetics?

A:Erythritol is not directly harmful to diabetics per se. It is a sweetener with almost no calories, and its consumption will not cause fluctuations in blood glucose or lead to further elevation of blood glucose.


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Is erythritol safer than sugar?

Erythritol may be worse for you than table sugar.

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