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Gaba with theanine:benefits and uses

Staying up all night while taking health supplements seems to have become a punk way of maintaining health for middle-aged and young people nowadays, so the market size of health supplements related to sleep aids is also expanding, which shows the state of demand for such products.

However, you may be able to easily name a series of health products related to sleep aids, but do not necessarily really understand them, for example, GABA, sounds familiar, said as if it seems to understand. Is that you?

ok, let’s talk about gaba, the full name of GABA is gamma-aminobutyric acid. Functionally, it is a neurotransmitter. Neurotransmitters, by their very nature, act as “signaling molecules” between brain cells.



Some signals excite the brain, while others calm it. GABA is one of the latter.

When you need a break, your brain releases GABA to calm or inhibit overexcited nerves, thereby relaxing the nerves and calming active brain cells. That’s why it’s also known as a “safe and gentle neuroleptic”.

Currently, much of the research on GABA focuses on sleep aids and stress relief.

GABA benefits for sleep

1、Improve sleep quality

GABA can participate in a wide range of nervous system activities, such as anxiety and stress regulation, circadian rhythm and sleep regulation. As you can imagine, if the function of synthesizing GABA components is impaired, then the consequences may be anxiety, insomnia and other symptoms.

2、Regulation of blood pressure

GABA can act on the vasomotor center of the spinal cord to promote vasodilation, which to a certain extent plays a role in regulating blood pressure.


In addition to the regulation of the nervous system, cardiovascular system, the current clinical research, found that GABA for the digestive system, the immune system, etc. have many beneficial health effects of protection.

So where does GABA come from?

In nature, GABA is widely distributed in plants and animals, beans, grains, squash agents fermented foods contain GABA components, the brain of animals, the germ of plant seeds in high content.

In germinated brown rice, although the weight of the germ only accounts for about 3% of the rice grain, the GABA content accounts for more than half of it, and the content of GABA in the germ can be close to 100mg/100g. Ordinary brown rice with active, if enriched, the GABA content will also be increased several times.

In addition, germ rice, due to the presence of germ, also contains GABA components, but the content is not high.

sprouted brown rice

sprouted brown rice

About Theanine

what are its Benefits?

Theanine is an amino acid unique to tea that is known for its calming and tranquilizing effects and stress-relieving properties. It helps improve concentration and alertness without causing side effects such as anxiety or insomnia. In addition, theanine has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Safety: Theanine is a natural ingredient that is safe. However, it should be used under medical supervision for specific groups of people such as pregnant women, nursing mothers and minors.

Dosage: In general, it is appropriate for adults to consume 100-200 mg of theanine per day. The exact dosage can be determined according to individual needs and doctor’s advice.

In what ways does theanine help with sleep?

Theanine is beneficial mainly because it helps to reduce stress and anxiety, and if you are in a state of stress then you can lose sleep. Theanine can then help to improve this, the effect of theanine on sleep is mild so it doesn’t improve the quality of sleep for everyone.