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Garcinia cambogia extract – a good helper for efficient weight loss

💬What is Garcinia cambogia extract?

Garcinia cambogia extract
Garcinia cambogia extract is extracted from the peel of the plant garcinia cambogia, and its effective component HCA(Hydroxy Citric acid) is extracted, containing 10-30% of similar substances (Citric acid). Garcinia Cambogia is native to India, where the fruit tree is called Brindleberry, or Garcinia Cambogia. The fruit is very similar to citrus, also called Tamarind fruit. Garcinia cambogia has been used as a spice ingredient in curry powder since ancient times.

Garcinia cambogia extract

💬 Functions of Garcinia cambogia extract:

1. Inhibit fat synthesis Prevent the combination of glucose and fat, Promote lipolysis, Consciously control dietary intake, Reduce calorie production,

2. The ingredients of garcinia cambogia can inhibit the brain nerves, make people feel full without any desire to eat. The ingredient can increase satiety.

3. Detoxification, protecting health skin Restore the original elasticity and whiteness of the skin by stimulate the intestines and stomach, Treatment of acne caused by endocrine disorders, so as to achieve the beauty effect.

💬 Applications of Garcinia cambogia extract:

It can be used for Health Supplement, Cosemtic , Beverage, etc. For Health supplement, it can be made as softgel, capsule, tablet,small bags in powder For Cosemtic, it can be made as Body wraps, slimming cream For Beverage, it can be made as Liquid drops, instant drink supplement, tea bag, Spray, etc

💬What is the effect and mechanism of garcinia cambogia extract to lose weight?

1. Increase satiety
HCA increases levels of the brain chemical serotonin, stimulates the satiety center, and reduces hunger without side effects

2. Inhibit fat synthesis
HCA can block citric acid lyase and synthesize fatty acids

3. Boost fat burning
HCA activates adrenaline and increases fat consumption

✅Product application(for example):

Garcinia cambogia extract