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Ginseng Extract: Nature’s Secret to Optimal Health

Ginseng  is a plant that grows in Korea (Korean Ginseng Extract), northeastern China (Asian Ginseng Extract), and far eastern Siberia (Siberian ginseng extract). Ginsenosides are regarded as the active ingredients in ginseng and are mainly extracted from the roots, stems, and leaves of ginseng. The powder extracted from this is called Panax ginseng root extract, Ginseng berry extract, and Panax ginseng leaf extract. Organic Panax Ginseng Powder is taken by mouth to improve thinking, concentration, memory, Alzheimer’s disease, work efficiency, physical stamina, preventing muscle damage from exercise, and athletic endurance.

Natural field Ginseng Extract powder specification

Other Name Asian Ginseng Extract, American Ginseng P.E.
Specification 10%, 80%, 10:1
Active Ingredient Ginsenoside
Appearance Light Yellow Powder
Type Herbal Extract
Form Fine Powder
Part The Root of Panaxquinquefolium L.

We all know Ginseng Extract Benefits:

■ Effects on improving cognitive function for middle-aged people including memory and thinking ability according to scientific study.

■ Lower the risk of getting a cold or the flu but cannot relieve the symptoms.

■ Help to control empty stomach blood sugar level.

■ The active ingredient of the ginseng root extract is able to alleviate inflammation.

■ Improve exercise ability and relieve fatigue.


Ginseng Extract Used For:

■ Food Additives:

Ginseng extract owns the effect of antifatigue, anti-aging, and nourishing the brain.

■ Cosmetic Industry:

Ginseng Extract

It can be formulated into cosmetics for removing freckles, reducing wrinkles, activating skin cells, and enhancing skin elasticity.

■ Healthcare Products:

Ginseng Extract

1. Improve immunity and stress ability, improve myocardial function, regulate the central nervous system, improve learning and memory, and also have hypoglycemic and anti-aging effects.

2. Ginsenosides and ginseng polysaccharides in ginseng help improve immunity, and ginseng can improve the body’s ability to stress, which is conducive to better coping with hypoxia, high temperature, and low temperature.

3. Increase coronary blood flow, slow down heart rate, help prevent myocardial ischemia and arrhythmia, and improve myocardial function.

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Ginseng Extract

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