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Happy Chinese New Year!

With best wishes for a happy New Year!

Happy Chinese New Year!

Today, the first day of the first lunar month.

Lunar New Year, It is a condensation of Chinese culture.

Chinese New Year customs have endless stories and endless style.

The lucky star is shining,  and the year of the rabbit is auspicious.

It means positivity, kindness, diligence and tenacity.

It is a symbol of alertness and luck.

Spring Festival is the most distinctive festival in China,

and everyone gathers together to enjoy the joyful atmosphere of family on this day.

What are the activities during the Spring Festival? Let’s take a look…

Paste spring festival couplets

As a traditional New Year custom, Pasting spring festival couplets holds people’s beautiful hopes for a happy life in the new year. When a couplet with an auspicious meaning is pasted, it not only adds a lot of festive atmosphere to the festival, but also gives people strength, confidence and courage. Handwritten Spring Festival couplings are conveying traditional culture with ink fragrance, how precious this “New Year gift” is.

Set off firecrackers

Fireworks have been a Spring Festival custom since ancient times, and it is said that they were produced to drive away the “New Year Beasts”. Nowadays, in order to protect the environment and avoid fire hazards, most cities have begun to reduce fireworks. In rural areas, it is still the most atmospheric activity to cross Chinese New Year’s Eve and visit relatives and friends.

Have Chinese New Year’s Eve dinner

Chinese New Year’s Eve meal is one of the customs of the Spring Festival, and in some places the New Year meal is eaten at noon, and it is generally started to eat after the ancestor worship, which does not affect. The preparation of the Chinese New Year’s Eve meal can be busy for the mothers, if necessary, the whole family must be prepared in order to have a hearty reunion dinner. Chinese New Year’s Eve meal is also the most important thing for Chinese, and families sit together for reunions, such as some auspicious dishes.

New Year greeting

New Year greeting is also a traditional custom of the Spring Festival. Under normal circumstances, younger generations pay New Year greetings to elders, and friends also pay New Year greetings to each other. The happiest people should be the children, because after the New Year, the elders will give the younger ones red envelopes. Congratulations and exchanges between friends and family are also one of the indispensable activities in the New Year.