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How to take nmn powder with a best way?

Here are some suggestions on the dosage of NMN:


At present, there is no clear regulation on the daily consumption dose of NMN, and each brand has its own statement and a wide range. According to the analysis of human clinical experiments and toxicology reports, the general recommended daily intake of NMN is 300mg to 500mg, and for older people, the dose can be increased as appropriate.

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💬So which group of people is suitable for nmn powder?

Applicable people:

NMN is suitable for these people:

People who are suitable for taking NMN supplements include but are not limited to:

Elderly: As we age, the level of NAD+ in our body will gradually decline, leading to various age-related diseases or potential disease risks, such as cardiovascular diseases, three highs, brain decline, stroke, etc. Taking NMN can effectively improve these problems.

Middle-aged people: Middle-aged people are prone to sub-health problems, such as poor sleep quality, fatigue and weakness, vision loss, etc., due to the pressure from various aspects of family and work. Taking NMN can improve these problems and enhance the quality of life.

Middle-aged and elderly women: NMN can delay skin aging, improve muscle elasticity, and improve the appearance of more youthful.

Those who stay up all night with insomnia: NMN can speed up the recovery of the body, increase energy and improve the quality of sleep.


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Test takers: Taking NMN can relax the state, improve the ability to resist stress, and keep a clear mind.

Athletes or fitness people: NMN can directly improve the level of exercise and enhance muscle strength.

Depressed people: NMN can improve mood, increase dopamine levels, increase blood supply to the brain, and alleviate possible brain decline.

People who are often in radiation environment: such as aviation crew, radiologists, etc. NMN can help repair damaged genes.

Smokers: NMN can help reduce smoking addiction.

Alcohol drinkers: NMN can help detoxify alcohol, protect the liver and repair genes damaged by alcohol toxicity.

💬Difference between capsules and tablets

NMN capsules and tablets differ slightly in their absorption effects. Generally speaking, capsules are more easily absorbed by the epithelial villi of the small intestine, while tablets need to disintegrate before they can be absorbed. Therefore, in order to better utilize the effects of NMN, it is recommended to choose the capsule form.

Dosing Time:

There are no mandatory rules for the timing of NMN. It can be used before or after meals. However, in order to better utilize its effect, you can choose to take it in the morning or at noon according to your personal situation. If you need to take it at night, it is recommended to take it before bedtime or within 30 minutes to 1 hour after dinner to help improve the quality of sleep.


In conclusion, for taking NMN, you should follow the principles of science and reasonableness, choose the appropriate dosage and dosage form according to your personal situation, and take it correctly according to the instruction manual or doctor’s advice. If there is any doubt or discomfort, you should consult your doctor or professional advice.

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