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How to use Collagen?

1 Application in medicine and clinic
Collagen is a natural protein in organisms with high affinity and weak antigenicity and is easily absorbed by the human body, so it has good biosafety degradability and biocompatibility. At the same time, collagen has good ductility and adhesion, which can be processed into biomedical materials of various shapes and uses, and has been used in many clinical applications in the medical field.

As a biomedical material, collagen has the following advantages: low immunogenicity; hemostasis; biodegradation; coordination between tissues and host cells; physical and mechanical properties.


2 Applications in the field of beauty

Due to the special physiological activity and good biocompatibility of collagen, its cosmetic effect has been increasingly recognized. Human skin is mainly composed of type I collagen type III and collagen. As age increases, the collagen produces covalent cross-linking, which leads to aging phenomena such as wrinkles, dryness, and relaxation of the skin. Collagen can promote the proliferation of dermal cells, improve the activity of epidermal cells, maintain skin elasticity and prevent wrinkles. Collagen contains a large number of hydrophilic groups and rich moisturizing factors.

so it has a good moisturizing function; collagen has a good affinity with surrounding tissues, has good permeability, and can be filled between the skin matrix. The role of repairing tissue; collagen contains a large number of tyrosine residues, which can compete with melanin for binding sites and play a role in whitening the skin; by supplementing collagen, the nutrition of the transdermal subcutaneous tissue can be supplemented, thereby moisturizing the hair.

3 Applications in the food field

The application of collagen in food is mainly manifested in two aspects of nutrition and function. Collagen is a hard protein that is difficult for the body to digest and absorb. However, collagen peptides with small molecular weight can be well absorbed by the body and can be used as functional food and health care products.

The collagen peptides obtained by enzymatic hydrolysis of porcine collagen can inhibit the activity of ACE and have an antihypertensive effect. Hydroxyproline has the effect of reducing body fat and can reduce the body weight and blood lipids of nutritional rats. Collagen with low molecular weight has strong reducing power and lipid oxidation inhibitory ability, and has high scavenging ability to superoxide anion; collagen peptide has good calcium-promoting ability in rats by forming soluble peptide calcium complex with calcium. absorption.

In the food industry, collagen and collagen are widely used as stabilizers, clarifying agents, emulsifiers, foaming agents, thickening agents, etc. Marine bio-collagen clarifier has a significant effect on the clarification of some advanced beers and wines. Collagen can also be used as a food packaging material. The tight helical structure and amino acid composition of collagen make the collagen material have strong toughness and excellent film-forming ability, and can be processed into a fibrous film for sausage casings, fish, and meat packaging.