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Is L-carnitine a useless weight loss supplement?

💬 What is L-carnitine?

L-carnitine is a kind of amino acid that promotes the conversion of fat into energy. Pure product is white lens or white transparent fine powder. It has many physiological functions such as fat oxidation and decomposition, weight loss, anti-fatigue and so on. As a food additive, it is widely used in infant food, weight loss food, athlete food, nutritional supplements for middle-aged and elderly people, nutritional fortifier for vegetarians and animal feed additives.


💬Why we need supply L-carnitine?

Different types of daily diets already contain 5-100 mg of L-carnitine, but the average person can only consume 50 mg per day from their diet. More importantly, concentration of L-carnitine in the body is getting decreased by age.

💬 Where is L-carnitine from?


💬 What are the benefits of L-carnitine?

1.Fat delivery vehicle

Promotes the oxidative breakdown of fatty acids into mitochondria

Removal of excess fat and other fatty acid residues

2. Enhance endurance and improve athletic performance

Conserves muscle glycogen and helps to delay fatigue during exercise

Removes excess lactic acid produced by exercise and promotes recovery from exercise fatigue

3. Heart protection

L-carnitine breaks down fat and lowers blood lipids to protect the cardiovascular system

L-carnitine breaks down fat to increase heart muscle function

💬 Application:food additives ; medicine ; feed


💬Some common L-carnitine collocation formulas:

1. Sports Nutrition: L-Carnitine Acetyl L-Carnitine + Creatine + L Glutamine L-carnitine tartrate + betaine + creatine + piperine

2. Beverages: L-Carnitine + Acetyl L-Carnitine + L-Carnitine Tartrate L-Carnitine + Taurine + Caffeine

3. Men’s health: L-carnitine + Q10 + VC + green tea

4. Anti-aging: L-Carnitine + Resveratrol + Q10 Acetyl L-Carnitine + Alpha Lipoic Acid

💬 Recommended Dosage:

500-1000 mg twice a day for healthy people 70-90mg/kg for baby’s milk

💬Some matters needing attention:

Do not take large amounts of aminoglycolic acid at the same time;

L-Carnitine works 2-6 hours after taking it, so the most effective fat loss is achieved after 2 hours when combined with aerobic training;

Do not take L-carnitine before bedtime as it may affect your sleep due to excitement!!!