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L-Glutathione: The Key to Benefits and Vitality

We all know that L-Glutathione(Glutathiose) is an active tripeptide with important physiological functions, which is formed by the condensation of glutamic acid, cysteine and glycine via peptide bonds. Reduced glutathione plays an important physiological role in living organisms. Glutathione is synthesized in the body by the liver, where it is the primary antioxidant, and is found in small amounts in other tissues of the body.

Glutathione supports liver detoxification, including pesticides, dry cleaning solvents, lead and many heavy metals. However, oral glutathione is easily degraded by stomach acid and is largely ineffective, and is generally synthesized or maintained at essential levels by supplementation with other nutrients, such as n-acetylcysteine.

Natural field  Glutathione  Powder Specification

Product Name

L- Glutathione Powder / L-Glutathione Reduced Powder


White powder

98% 99%

Grade Cosmetic grade



natural field
Certificate FSSC22000/HACCP/SKS/ISO9001/SC/ISO22000/HALAL
Sample Available Sample
Storage Condition

Sensitive to light and heat, it is recommended to store at 2-8°C


 💬 What are  the benefits of L-glutathione/Glutathiose?

  • Whitening Effect:

Principle of human melanin precipitation: Tyrosinase—>Dopa—>Melanin—>Skin coloring

Key for Whitening: Blocking tyrosinase activity

Glutathione Whitening Path:

-Direct inhibition of tyrosinase activity: -SH+dopaquinone—>colorless dopa derivative

-Eliminate free radicals that can activate tyrosinase

-It is hydrolyzed to cysteine, and the synthetic route is pheomelanin instead of melanin

✅Suitable for :

Women with uneven skin tone and dark spots;

Women with dry, dull skin;

Women who work with computers always;

Women before and after menopause;

Women who use cosmetics for a long time.

  • Liver Protection:

Fatty liver

Liver inflammation, liver necrosis, liver fibrosis

Drug-induced liver damage, detoxification; alcoholic liver disease


 💬 What are the application prospects of glutathione?

1.Food Additive (Yogurt and baby food or meat product) food grade:

Food Preservation:

Prevent the decomposing of taste nucleotides in foods and lose the fresh and thick flavor, greatly extending the shelf life of food;

Add to canned fruits and dairy products to prevent browning.

2.Enhancing Flavor:

Will produce a strong meat flavor after mixing with flavoring nucleotides such as inosinic acid, guanylic acid, and sodium glutamate.

Pasta (wheaten food) Quality Improver:

Shorten the kneading time of the dough,

Strengthen amino acid nutrition.

3.Animal Feed:

Promote the healthy growth of animals

Improve feed utilization;

Reduce fat percentage, Improve pork quality;

Improved the tenderness and water retention of lamb.

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