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Liposomes advantages in Natural Field

What are the components of a liposome?

There are four main components that make up liposomes,Phospholipids,Cholesterol,Antioxidants,Organic Solvents.

Phospholipids refers to the structure of liposomes is a phospholipid bilayer, so phospholipids are the main raw materials for preparing liposomes.

For Cholesterol, it  can change the phase  transition temperature, increase the fluidity of the membrane, produce a two-way adjustment function, and improve the stability and encapsulation rate.

Commonly used antioxidants include vitamin E and butyric acid hydroxy formaldehyde, which prevent the oxidation of unsaturated fatty acids in phospholipids.
Organic Solvents:
There are mainly one or several mixtures of ethanol, chloroform, etc

The Development Milestone of Liposomes

The development of liposomes has taken several journeys

1961(Discovery)→1965(First Preparation Method)→1989(PharmacokineticsEvaluation)→1995(First FDA Approved)→1997(

Liposome-MediatedGene Transfer)→Now(promising advances)
Application of Liposomes in the Drug Industry
In the drug industry was $4.7 billion in 2022. In the drug industry will be $8 billion in 2030. CAGR 8.50%.
In the supplements industry was $361.08 million in 2022. In the supplements industry will be $627.39 million in 2030. CAGR 7.10%.


Our Star Product

Dihydromyricetin with Ginsenoside Rg3 as Stabilizer
Conventional Cholesterol
• May cause hyperlipidemia or anaphylaxis;
• Stimulate bile secretion;
• Accelerate feces excretion;
• Shorten the residence time of active ingredients in the blood
Ginsenoside Rg3
• Anti-cancer effect without side-effect;
• Changes the arrangement of phospholipids to make liposomes more compact and stable;
• Pharmacokinetic: Lower gender correlation;
• Excretion studies: Delayed excretion time;
• Urine studies:Reduce urine.

Relavent Testing about Liposomes

Encapsulation Ef iciency (EE%)
• Centrifuge and exclusion column can separate non- entrapped drug from drugloaded liposomes.
• High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) is the simplest way to get the accurate results of total amount of drugs and unencapsulated drugs respectively.
Drug Loading Capacity (DL%)
• The liposomes are vaccum freeze-dried, and the weight of the powder(WT), and HPLC measured the assay of DHM(WE).
• DL%=WE/WT*100%
Stability Testing
• Store the liposomes at 4 degrees celsius for 7 days, and observe there are any significant changes in particle size or polydispersity index(PDI) in the observation period.
• The liposomes and fetal bovine serum were stored under 37 degrees for 48hours, and the changes of particle size and PDI were observed to infer the stability in the blood