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Methyl sulfone – A natural analgesic for arthritis

Q: What is Methyl sulfone?

Methyl sulfone

Methyl sulfone is an organic sulfide that is essential for collagen synthesis in the human body. MSM is found in human skin, hair, nails, bones, muscles and various organs. The human body consumes 0.5mg of MSM every day, and once it is deficient, it will cause health disorders or diseases. Therefore, it is widely used as a health care drug abroad and is the main drug to maintain the balance of biological sulfur elements in the human body.

Storage conditions: This product should be sealed in a cool and dry place and stored away from light.

Q: Why do we need a dimethyl sulfone supplement?
1.MSM has been used as a supplement to intramuscular bone health. It has been shown to support total antioxidant capacity. As a dietary supplement is popular to support joint health.
2.MSM can now correct a diet deficient in sulfur content, supporting antioxidant capacity and healthy articular cartilage.

Q: The application of MSM in life:
1.MSM is used in industry as high temperature solvent and raw material for organic synthesis, gas chromatography fixed solution, analytical reagent, food additive and drug.
2. Organic sulfur exists in MSM. Basic functions of organic sulfur include maintaining the body’s protein structure, helping to form keratin necessary for the growth of hair and nails, and immunoglobulin production for the maintenance of the immune system, as well as catalyzing chemical reactions that convert food into energy.
MSM and related compounds provide 85% of the organic sulfur of all living organisms. Sulfur is considered by many researchers to be the eighth rich ingredient in the human body, and it is an overlooked mineral nutrient that plays an essential role in human nutrition.

Q: The benefits of MSM sulfone on joints:

Arthritis is one of the most affected chronic diseases in the world, with common symptoms including pain, inflammation and mobility difficulties.
Dimethylsulfone can block the transmission of pain nerve signals, and also improve collagen connections to repair injured tissue.

Methyl sulfone

1. In the study of arthritis patients, experts found that the sulfur content of the patient’s cartilage is only 33% of the normal cartilage, and the supplement of cystine can reduce the symptoms of arthritis, the test has shown that the sulfur in cystine is obtained from dimethyl sulfone. For patients with various types of arthritis, 2250mg of oral dimethyl sulfone and a blank control trial, after six weeks, patients taking dimethyl sulfone pain than the blank group of patients 80% less pain.

2. In fact, arthritis is mainly the degeneration of articular cartilage and secondary bone hyperplasia. Collagen is the main component of cartilage, and the mucous membrane at joint joints is composed of sulfoprotein and glucosamine, which can promote the production of collagen and increase the water binding, so as to lock collagen and calcium, and then repair the damaged cartilage. In addition, it can enrich the synovial fluid, constantly nourish chondropathy and reduce the friction of bones and joints, so as to relieve joint pain.

3. In addition, dimethyl sulfone can also improve your swollen joints. This is because dimethyl sulfone can inhibit the formation of fibroblasts, which are the main factor causing edema. At the same time, it can also bind to the fluid in the swollen tissue, which can achieve the purpose of reducing swelling and help the joint better return to movement.

MSM market prospects:
Because MSM is a newly discovered human nutrient, it has therapeutic value and health care function for human diseases, and is an essential drug for human survival and health protection, so it has been attached importance by developed countries, and is widely used and sold abroad.

China’s application research on MSM has not been carried out, so the product department is exported, our country has a large population, MSM production, export power, to provide sufficient raw materials for MSM production. Therefore, it provides superior conditions for MSM production and application development. MSM sells for about 50,000 yuan per ton in China and 60 to 70 dollars per kilogram in the international market as a health care drug. Therefore, MSM is a high-tech product and a fine chemical product with high added value. New products, large market potential, outstanding benefits, but also export to earn foreign exchange, with broad production and application development prospects.