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Natural Field and 2024 FIC Meet in Shanghai

Natural Field Company went to Shanghai to participate in the FIC (Food Ingredients China) exhibition from March 20, 2024 to March 22, 2024, booth 61S01, the exhibition address is No.333 Songze Avenue, Shanghai National Exhibition and Convention Center. No.333 Songze Avenue, Shanghai National Exhibition and Convention Center.

2024 shanghai FIC invitation

Time: 2024.3.20-3.22

Booth: 61S01

Address: No.333 Songze Avenue, Shanghai National Exhibition and Convention Center.

From March 20 to 22, 2024, the much-anticipated Shanghai FIC (Food Ingredients China) exhibition was grandly held in Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center. As a global food ingredients industry event, this exhibition gathered many famous enterprises at home and abroad to showcase the latest technology, products and services in the field of food ingredients, and Natural Field was also invited to participate in this event and demonstrated its strong innovative strength to the industry during the exhibition.

2024 FIC

2024 Shanghai FIC

Natural Field’s booth, located at 61S01, was in a favorable position and attracted a large number of visitors. In the company’s exhibition area, the well-decorated product display area, technology exchange area and tasting experience area provided visitors with a feast for the eyes and the sense of taste.

During the exhibition, Natural Field focused on displaying its newly developed food ingredient products. These products not only have unique taste and nutritional value, but also have the characteristics of green, healthy and safe, which are very popular among visitors. At the same time, the company also invited a number of industry experts to conduct on-site explanations and technical exchanges, providing visitors with an in-depth understanding of the characteristics of the products and application areas.

In addition, Natural Field also let visitors experience the unique charm of the products through on-site explanation activities. At the activity site, visitors stopped to communicate with each other and praised the company’s products. This not only enhanced the interaction between the company and the visitors, but also further improved the company’s brand image.

It is worth mentioning that Natural Field also actively communicated and negotiated with industry colleagues during the exhibition. Through in-depth communication with domestic and foreign enterprises, the company not only understood the latest news and trends of the industry, but also expanded its business areas and partner network.

It is a rare opportunity for Natural Field to participate in FIC Shanghai. Through this exhibition, the company not only demonstrated its innovative strength and product advantages, but also strengthened the contact and cooperation with industry colleagues. In the future, Natural Field will continue to uphold the concept of innovation, green and healthy, and contribute more to the development of the global food ingredients industry.

2024 FIC

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