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2023 Annual Wrap-up Meeting

On February 5, 2024, Natural Field held a grand 2023 Annual Wrap-up Meeting at ZTE Hotel. The purpose of this meeting is to review the achievements of the past year, recognize the outstanding employees and look forward to the future development, which is divided into 5 items.

1. Dance brought by sales department partners

2. Chairman of the Board of Directors to summarize the speech

3.Awarding of the outstanding employees and teams in 2023

4.Group photo

5.Lunch time

At the beginning of the meeting, the enthusiastic sales team brought us an energetic dance performance, which instantly lit up the atmosphere of the scene. Their energetic dance and superb performance won the applause of the audience.

Natural Field Natural Field

Immediately afterward, Chairman Yang delivered a keynote speech. He reviewed the development history of the company in the past year and shared the company’s achievements and breakthroughs in various fields. Chairman Yang’s words were full of power, and each sentence contained a profound truth that inspired everyone present.

Natural Field

Chairman Yang is making a speech

Natural Field

Natural Field

everyone listens carefully

In the awarding session, the company honored the outstanding employees of the year 2023. These employees performed well in the past year and made positive contributions to the development of the company. The chairman of the board awarded them with honorary certificates and prizes, and wished them to continue to work hard and achieve better results in the new year. The chairman of the board of directors, with deep feelings, gave them high hopes that they would get better and better in the new year and create good results together.

Natural Field

Natural Field


In addition, the team of the Purchase Department was also honored as the Outstanding Team. The chairman praised their excellent teamwork spirit and efficient execution and encouraged them to continue to maintain this good working condition.

Natural Field

Natural Field purchase department

In the final stage of the conference, all employees took a group photo to record this unforgettable moment. With the framing of the camera, the brilliant achievements of 2023 became eternal memories. And in the new year, Natural Field will continue to set sail towards a higher goal.

Natural Field

It was time for lunch, and everyone gathered together to enjoy the food and happy time. Chairman Yang raised his glass to extend his sincere blessings to everyone, and inspired everyone to make progress in the new year and take their careers to the next level. In the pleasant atmosphere, everyone spoke freely, exchanged experiences and shared the expectation that the company will achieve more brilliant results in the future.

With the passage of time, the 2023 Annual Summarization Conference is gradually coming to an end. However, the beautiful memories and inspiring power left by this event will always accompany every employee of Natural Field, and become the source of power for them to move forward.

In the new journey, let’s work together to write a more brilliant chapter for Natural Field!