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Powerful antioxidant – lipoic acid

What is Alpha Lipoic Acid?

Alpha Lipoic Acid, also known as lipoic acid or α-lipoic acid, is a powerful antioxidant that in addition to helping cells convert glucose into energy, detoxifies the body, fights skin inflammation, and stabilizes blood sugar.

Alpha lipoic acid is known as an all-purpose antioxidant because it dissolves in water and fat and penetrates tissues such as the nervous system and heart, which are mainly composed of fat and water, thus protecting them from free radical damage. Alpha lipoic acid also helps the body use vitamins E and C more efficiently, as well as other antioxidants like glutathione. This nutrient also allows the B vitamins to more efficiently convert protein, carbohydrates, and fats into energy.

Lipoic Acid

About lipoic acid beauty anti-aging function:

Beauty anti-aging: Alpha-lipoic acid has amazing antioxidant power, it can remove reactive oxygen components that cause skin aging, and because it is smaller than vitamin E molecules, it is water soluble and fat soluble. So it is easily absorbed by the skin. In particular, the effect of dark circles, wrinkles, stains and so on is outstanding, coupled with the strengthening of metabolic function, the body’s blood circulation is improved, the darkness of the skin is improved, the pores are reduced, and it becomes an enviable delicate skin.

Which foods are rich in lipoic acid?

Lipoic acid is found in small amounts in foods, and the human body can consume a small amount of lipoic acid through the diet. These foods include spinach, broccoli, animal liver, and red meat.

The main functions of lipoic acid on the human body are:

1. Improve mitochondrial function and provide energy for the body. Lipoic acid is needed for the production of human cells, and the production place of the body is in the mitochondria. Therefore, lipoic acid can improve the body’s energy metabolism. It is especially effective for chronic patients. Like other liver protectors, lipoic acid has been shown to help in the treatment of mercury, lead, carbon tetrachloride, and aniline fuel poisoning. It is also used to treat liver disease and alcohol-induced cirrhosis.

2. Support healthy nervous system function. Lipoic acid has a very small molecular weight and can cross the brain-blood barrier into the brain, so it is one of the few nutrients that can reach the brain, and also has sustained antioxidant activity in the brain, which is also thought to be quite effective in improving dementia. In particular, it has a very good prevention and reversal effect on the neurological complications of diabetic patients.

3. Improve the body’s antioxidant function. In Baidu Encyclopedia, the introduction of lipoic acid: It can be used as a coenzyme to participate in the acyl transfer of material metabolism in the body, which can eliminate free radicals that lead to accelerated aging and disease. Lipoic acid is absorbed into cells through the intestine and is both fat – and water-soluble.

4. Maintain healthy arterial endothelial function and reduce complications of diabetes. Lipoic acid’s function in this regard is mainly achieved by reducing the glycosylated AGEs reaction in the body.

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