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PQQ Supplement: Potential benefits to human health

What is PQQ?


PQQ, short for Pyrroloquinoline quinone, is a vitamin-like substance also known as Pyrroloquinoline quinone. It is a nitrogenous quinone compound that has distinctive physiological properties and efficacy due to its unique structure. PQQ is widely found in a variety of common foods such as fruits, vegetables, grains and beverages, including plant and animal derived foods, with concentrations ranging from 3.65 to 61.0ng/g or ng/mL.

PQQ has a strong ability to remove peroxides, and can effectively remove “HO·” and “O2· -“, which is reflected in the protection of mitochondria from oxidative damage. PQQ is also widely found in body tissues and is particularly high in breast milk. The magic “Taisei” (meat ganoderma lucidum), recorded in ancient Chinese classics with strong regenerative ability, has been found to be rich in PQQ.

✅About the development of PQQ:

The first stage: the discovery process of PQQ can be traced back to the 1950s, when several biologists in Norway and the United Kingdom, while studying metabolic enzymes in bacteria, unexpectedly found a new compound, which acts as a coenzyme and provides catalysis for the smooth completion of various chemical reactions in the biological body. But the discovery was ignored.

The second stage: It was not until 1979 that American scientists used X-ray crystal diffraction technology to determine for the first time that this mysterious coenzyme was a tricarboxylate quinone compound and named it pyrroloquinoline quinone (PQQ).

The third stage: In 2003, Japanese scientists claimed to have found a water-soluble B vitamin PQQ, and laboratory mice lacking this substance will have low reproductive ability and other phenomena. They speculate that it has the same effect on humans. It was the first time a new vitamin had been discovered since 1948. PQQ will become the 14th vitamin, providing a new source of energy for human immunity enhancement.

 What are the benefits of PQQ?


1.It is a powerful antioxidant, 7.4 times more powerful than vitamin C in scavenging oxygen free radicals. This means that it can help remove harmful free radicals from the body and protect cells from oxidative damage, thus helping to maintain the body’s health and delay aging.

2.PQQ can promote mitochondrial health and function. Mitochondria are energy factories within cells, responsible for producing ATP, which provides energy to the body. PQQ can improve the efficiency of mitochondria and increase energy production, while also improving the body’s endurance and athletic performance. This may be especially beneficial for athletes or people who need high-intensity exercise.

3.PQQ can also improve the body’s immunity and resistance, reducing the incidence of colds and other diseases. This means that it can strengthen the body’s defenses and help fight off various diseases.

4.PQQ can promote the health and function of the nervous system. This includes the protection and repair of the brain and neurons, as well as improving cognitive abilities such as attention and memory. This can be beneficial for school and work performance, as well as mental health.

PQQ safety and side effects:

The side effects of taking PQQ mainly include increased gastrointestinal tract and liver and kidney burden.

Excessive supplementation of PQQ may cause nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, bloating and other symptoms because PQQ is digested and absorbed through the gastrointestinal tract. In addition, overdose may cause damage to liver and kidney function, causing discomfort in the liver area, abnormal urine volume and other conditions.

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