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Product Quality Training

Today, the company is honored to invite Dr. Shen Xin to conduct business training for our employees on product quality.

During the training, Dr. Shen Xin mainly gave detailed descriptions on product quality control, experimental comparison of culture medium under different conditions, and third-party testing agencies, so that employees understand that product quality control must be solved from source control and packaging control.

Through the explanation of USP content and related substance methods and the explanation of chromatographic columns, we have a deeper understanding of product quality.

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Through training, the awareness of product quality control will be further enhanced, and the relevance of products and how to better control product quality will be more clearly recognized.

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After the training, our employees interacted with Dr. Shen Xin on the doubts or problems that existed during the training. During the interaction, through Dr. Shen’s explanation, the understanding of the product was consolidated.

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