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Silymarin Powder

Product Name: milk thistle extract
Main Ingredient: 40% 50% 80% 30% 35% 98% 75% 95%
Appearance: yellow
MOQ: 10g-5kg sample
Sample: Available
Grade: extract
Place of Origin: Shaanxi
Latin Name: Silybum marianum (L.) Gaerth
M.F: C25H22O10

Product Attributes

Milk Thistle Extract

Product name
Silymarin by Acetone
UV80% Silybin&Isosilybin 30%
USP50% Silybin30%
USP55% Silybin35%
Silymarin extracted by Ethanol
USP50% Silybin30%
UV80% Silybin&Isosilybin 30%
Silymarin extracted by Ethyl Acetate
UV80% Silybin&Isosilybin 30%
USP60% Silybin 40%
Water Soluble Silymarin
HPLC 90%, 95%

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Milk Thistle Extract

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