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Rhubarb extract – chrysophanol & physcion

Chrysophanol and physcion ether are both extracted from rhubarb, so what are the differences and similarities between the two? Today’s article helps you understand chrysophanol and physcion.

First let’s look at the table to give a basic understanding of the structure of chrysophanol and physcion.

Rhubarb extract

Chrysophanol is a natural herbal extract with a wide range of applications and effects. It is widely used in medicine, food and cosmetics, and is considered to be an important biologically active natural compound.
1. anti-oxidation

Chrysophanol has excellent antioxidant properties and can reduce cellular oxidative damage. Studies show that chrysophanol can inhibit the production of oxygen free radicals, in addition, chrysophanol can also trap a variety of oxides, reducing the lipid peroxidation of carbohydrates.

2.  anti-inflammatory and immune regulation

Chrysophanol has anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory effects and can inhibit inflammatory and autoimmune responses reduces pain and inflammation. In addition, it can also regulate the body’s immune function and enhance the immune cells activity, improve the body’s resistance to disease.

3. liver protection
Chrysophanol has a significant liver protective effect, can reduce liver damage and promote liver cell regeneration. Chrysophanol can also inhibit the development of hepatocyte apoptosis and fibrosis, and contribute to the maintenance of liver health.

4. Antibacterial and antiviral effects
Chrysophanol showed good antibacterial and antiviral activity against a variety of bacteria and viruses. Studies show that chrysophanol can inhibit the growth and reproduction of bacteria and viruses, blocking their invasion of host cells.

Rhubarb Extract


  • Physcion application in the field of agriculture:
    (1) Physcion is a highly active plant source fungicide
    (2) Low toxicity to humans and animals, friendly to the environment, especially suitable for green and organic vegetable production.
    (3) Physcion is a protective fungicide, inducing crops to produce a defense response, inhibiting the germination of pathogens, so that crops are protected from pathogens, to achieve the effect of disease prevention.
  • Physcion in the medical field of application:
    (1) Physcion plays an important role in nerve cell protection after traumatic brain injury, and has a multi-target therapeutic effect, which can protect nerve cell injury caused by various traumas from multi-factors, multi-links and multi-ways.
    (2) Protective effect on acute liver injury
    (3) Antidepressant effect
    (4) Protective effect on brain injury
  • Physcion for cancer
    Physcion can decrease the survival rate of pancreatic cancer cells and promote their apoptosis.
    Physcion kills breast cancer cells by regulating protein expression

Q: But how does it work in anti-inflammatory aspect?

The study found that Rhubarb plays a therapeutic role in AP by regulating the Janus kinases/signal transducer and activator of tranion. Other studies have found that Rhubarb extract can inhibit tolllike receptor 4,TLR4, NOD-like receptor protein by inhibiting monocyte chemoattractant protein. The expression of NLRP3 and Caspase-1 proteins reduces Caspase-1, which reduces the secretion of tumor necrosis factor-α, TNF-α, interleukin-1β, IL-1β, IL-6, and IL-18 factors. Inhibit the occurrence of systemic inflammatory cascade.