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Swisse L-Ergothioneine and Natural Field L-Ergothioneine

Swisse vs Natural Field’s L-Ergothioneine: Why Natural Field’s Powder is Better?

what is L-Ergothioneine?


L-ergothioneine (EGT) is a compound discovered in 1909, originally found in a fungus Claviceps purpurea, pure is white crystal, water soluble, (soluble at room temperature 0.9mol/L), It is a natural antioxidant that does not oxidize itself at physiological pH values and in strong alkali solutions, and can protect DNA proteins from oxidative damage; At the same time, as a rare sulfur-containing amino acid (L-mercaptohistidine trimethylendolide), it is a natural cell protectant and antioxidant in the human body, with anti-photoaging and antioxidant effects.

→where is it from?

Ergothioneine is a natural compound found mainly in certain fungi and bacteria. Currently, there are two main methods for extracting ergothioneine: biological fermentation and chemical synthesis.

In modern life, health and nutritional supplements are gaining more and more attention, and L-Ergothioneine, a natural substance with antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-aging properties, has gained a lot of attention in recent years. In the market, Swisse and Natural Field are two well-known brands of L-Ergothioneine. In this article, we will compare these two products in a number of ways to reveal why Natural Field’s powder is superior.

Brand Reputation


Swiss L-Ergothioneine

Swisse, as a famous Australian brand of health products, has won the trust of consumers all over the world with its strict production process and high quality products. Natural Field, as a brand specializing in health products, also enjoys a good reputation. In terms of brand reputation, both of them perform well, but Natural Field pays more attention to the naturalness and purity of its products.

Ingredients and Purity(IMP)

Swisse’s L-Ergothioneine products are usually available in tablet form and may contain other auxiliary ingredients in addition to L-Ergothioneine. Natural Field’s L-Ergothioneine products, on the other hand, come in powder form, which is much purer and free of additives. This makes Natural Field’s products superior in terms of ingredients and purity, and better able to meet consumer demand for natural, pure products.

Absorption and Utilization

Swisse’s L-Ergothioneine tablets need to be broken down by the digestive system before they can be absorbed by the body, while Natural Field’s powder form is more easily absorbed by the body directly. In addition, the powder form of L-Ergothioneine can be more easily mixed with other foods or beverages, making it convenient for consumers to consume it in their daily diet. Therefore, in terms of absorption and utilization, Natural Field’s powder is more advantageous.

Price and Value

Although Swisse’s L-Ergothioneine product is more expensive in the market, its high quality and good reputation make consumers willing to pay for it. While Natural Field’s L-Ergothioneine powder is relatively less expensive, its high purity and good absorption results make it more cost-effective. Thus, in terms of price and value, Natural Field’s powder is equally advantageous.

To sum up, although Swisse’s L-Ergothioneine products perform well in terms of brand reputation and word-of-mouth, Natural Field’s L-Ergothioneine powder is superior in terms of ingredient purity, absorption and utilization, and cost-effectiveness. Natural Field’s L-Ergothioneine powder is undoubtedly a better choice for consumers who seek naturalness, purity and efficiency.

In the future healthcare market, we expect Natural Field to continue to build on its strengths and provide consumers with more high-quality and efficient products.