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The king antioxidant ingredient – ergothioneine

Q: What is ergothioneine?

L-ergothioneine (EGT) is a compound discovered in 1909, originally found in a fungus Claviceps purpurea, pure is white crystal, water soluble, (soluble at room temperature 0.9mol/L), It is a natural antioxidant that does not oxidize itself at physiological pH values and in strong alkali solutions, and can protect DNA proteins from oxidative damage; At the same time, as a rare sulfur-containing amino acid (L-mercaptohistidine trimethylendolide), it is a natural cell protectant and antioxidant in the human body, with anti-photoaging and antioxidant effects.




Food industry, pharmaceutical industry, animal feed, cosmetics and biotechnology fields have broad market prospects.

Q: Where does ergothionein come from?

1.The source of ergothione in nature is mainly synthesized by fungi, bacteria and other biological pathways, and humans or animals themselves can not directly synthesize, can only rely on eating indirect intake, and then absorb and accumulate it in tissues or cells.

2.Ergothionein is distributed in some tissues and organs of mammals, mainly in red blood cells and semen of some animals, although no experimental studies have shown that animals can synthesize the substance, but there is certainly a way to absorb and retain ergothionein in animal cells. For carnivores, ergothioneine in animal tissues can supply dietary needs. Later, it was found that ergothione also existed in cereal plants.


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Ergothionein has a wide range of applications and market prospects in organ transplantation, cell preservation, medicine, food and beverage, functional food, animal feed, cosmetics and biotechnology.

Used as a unique antioxidant: ergothioneine is a highly protective, non-toxic natural antioxidant that is not easily oxidized in water, which allows their concentration in some tissues to reach mmol and activates the cell’s natural antioxidant defense system. Among the many antioxidants, ergothione is particularly unique, because ergothione can chelate heavy metal ions, which can make the red blood cells in the body free from free radical damage.

Market product reference

  • Estee Lauder added ergothione as the treasure of the town store in Clinique, Origins, La Mer and other lines of products;
  • POLAIYA   toner;
  • POLAIYA   essence;
  • SHE LOG suncreamSPF50 PA+++ +

Q: What are the benefits of ergothionein?

(1) Whitening

Ergothioneine is a natural antioxidant that is highly protective of cells, non-toxic, and is not easily oxidized in water, which allows their concentration in some tissues to reach 7mmol-L and activates the cell’s natural antioxidant defense system. Research results show that the amount of ergothione added to cosmetics reaches 0.01%-0.03%, which can hinder pigment formation and deposit, and whiten the skin.


(2) Antioxidant: highly effective antioxidant, anti-aging.

L ‘Oreal has proposed that ergothioneine and its derivatives have the effect of reducing or even preventing protein glycosylation, thereby preventing age-related loss of skin elasticity, modifying and improving facial contours, and preventing or improving the appearance of orange skin lines.

(3) Suncare

In the ultraviolet absorption range, ergothionein has a similar absorption wavelength to DNA, which can minimize the formation of reactive oxygen species and protect cells from radiation damage, so ergothionein can be used as a physiological filter of ultraviolet light. Many studies have shown that ergothione can avoid the damage of ultraviolet radiation on the skin, and is a very effective sunscreen ingredient.

(4) Anti-inflammatory, acne

Inflammation is the body’s response to an infection of the skin, and excessive UV exposure and stress are all causes of inflammation. Studies have shown that ergothione has an anti-inflammatory effect in skin cells, and it is even more effective when combined with vitamin C. Elizabeth Arden has done the application experiment of ergothione on the repair effect of UV-induced skin inflammation, showing that the combination of idobenzene and ergothione can reduce the skin inflammation and light damage caused by UV.

(5) Synergy

Ergothione can regulate the REDOX reaction in the cell, participate in the regulation of energy in the cell, is the physiological protection agent of the cell, biological and pharmacological properties and its safety and stability. Therefore, adding ergothionein to a product can not only maintain the stability of other ingredients, but also promote the absorption of active ingredients by cells, which has a good synergistic effect, effectively enhance the efficacy of other ingredients, and achieve the effect of 1+1>2. For example: the use of ergothionein in an antioxidant product, not only can it play a strong antioxidant effect on its own, but also can cooperate with other antioxidants to strengthen its vitality.