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Theanine and Taurine: two important amino acids

Amino acids are the basic units that make up proteins and are important active substances in living organisms. Among them, Theanine and Taurine are two special amino acids that play important roles in the human body.

1.About Theanine

Theanine, also known as glutamic theanine or gamma-glutamyl ethylamine, is a special amino acid found in tea. It has a sweet and fresh flavor, and is one of the main flavor presenting substances in tea.The content of Theanine in tea varies according to the variety, growing environment, picking season and processing methods.


Theanine has a variety of physiological functions. Firstly, it has a calming and tranquilizing effect, which can relieve tension and anxiety and help to improve the quality of sleep. Secondly, Theanine can promote the absorption and utilization of selenium in food by the body, which helps in antioxidant and scavenging free radicals, and has a protective effect on body cells and organs. In addition, Theanine can inhibit the body’s absorption of nicotine, reducing the harmful effects of smoking on the body.

In addition to tea, Theanine is widely used in food, beverages and nutraceuticals. It has a mild sweet and fresh flavor, which can provide a wonderful taste and quality to foods and beverages. Meanwhile, Theanine also has certain pharmacological effects and is used to treat insomnia, anxiety, depression and other neurological disorders.

  • Blood pressure
    Intravenous injection of theanine into rats suffering from high blood pressure showed that theanine lowered blood pressure in rats.
  • Cancer
    There have been many studies showing that theanine can be an effective adjunct to cancer treatment. These studies have shown that theanine can increase the effectiveness of some cancer chemotherapy treatments while protecting normal cells from chemotherapy damage.
  • Obesity
    A study with rats showed that the components in green tea (containing catechins, caffeine, and theanine) can reduce weight gain either individually or in combination of different components in a standard food-fed state.


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Taurine is a sulfur-containing amino acid with important physiological functions in the human body. It is an important component of taurine in the body and is involved in a variety of biochemical reactions, including energy metabolism, nerve conduction and the visual system.

Taurine has an important role in the development and function of the nervous system. Studies have shown that Taurine promotes the growth, differentiation and protrusion formation of nerve cells, which is essential for maintaining the normal function of the nervous system. In addition, Taurine can inhibit the neurotoxic effects of excitatory amino acids and reduce brain damage caused by cerebral ischemia and traumatic brain injury.

In addition to its neurological effects, Taurine has been shown to improve cardiovascular health, enhance immunity, and promote muscle growth and metabolism. It is also believed to have antioxidant and free radical scavenging properties that protect body cells and organs from damage caused by oxidative stress.

Taurine is widely found in animal foods, especially high in seafood, beef, chicken and other meats. Taurine is also found in some functional drinks, energy drinks, and sports supplements, and moderate supplementation of Taurine is beneficial for maintaining good health.

Similarities and differences:

Theanine and Taurine are similar in some aspects, but there are also some differences.

First of all, both Theanine and Taurine are a type of amino acid and share some common biochemical properties, such as involvement in protein synthesis and metabolism. In addition, they both have some antioxidant and free radical scavenging properties that help protect body cells and organs from damage caused by oxidative stress.

Secondly, both Theanine and Taurine are related to the nervous system; Theanine can relieve tension and anxiety, improve sleep quality, and has a certain regulatory effect on the nervous system, while Taurine plays an important role in the development and function of the nervous system, which promotes the growth, differentiation, and protrusion formation of nerve cells, and maintains the normal function of the nervous system.

However, there are some differences between Theanine and Taurine.

Firstly, their sources are different: Theanine is mainly found in tea leaves, while Taurine is widely found in animal food. Secondly, their physiological functions are also different. theanine mainly has sedative and calming effects and improves sleep, while taurine has effects on cardiovascular health, immunity, and muscle growth.