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Unveiling the Secrets of Withanolide

Q: What is Withanolide?

Withanolide is a plant lactone, also known as Withanolide extract, mainly found in South African Withanolide. It has a variety of alkaloids, Withanolide and iron and other effective components, and has a certain calming and relaxing effect on human nerves. Because it is an organic compound, it is often used as a surfactant and solubilizer. Because of its good solubility and surface activity, it is often used in cleaning agents, detergents, softeners and other products, it has emulsification, dispersion and thickening and other functional characteristics, often used in industrial and household cleaning products.


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Q: What side effects does Withanolide have?

It may have side effects, including stomach upset, nausea, drowsiness and more. In severe cases, it can also cause rapid heartbeat and allergic reactions, which are usually due to high doses.

Q: Who is suitable to take it?

1. Young and middle-aged people who have difficulty falling asleep, easy to insomnia and sleep very shallow, especially those who are under great work pressure and like to stay up late and are easy to worry can also try, and the quality of sleep will be improved.

2. Small partners with jet lag or flying around in different time zones need to constantly adjust the jet lag, the improvement effect of Nightshade extract is basically the same as that of melatonin, or even better.

Q: What kind of person doesn’t recommend taking Withanolide?

Pregnant women, or people with autoimmune diseases, please avoid use, South African Withanolide has an immune stimulating effect, taking Withanolide may reduce the effect of immunosuppressive agents.

It is not recommended for people with hyperthyroidism.

Withanolide can increase testosterone levels and is not recommended if you have a prostate cancer problem.

Q; Is it safe?

The research history of Nightshade extract is long and there are many data, so it is very reliable in terms of safety.

First, unlike some soothing mood and sleep aid drugs, nightshade extract does not produce a “hangover” problem the next day after taking it, and there is no need to worry about taking it and falling asleep all the time.Withanolide

Second, although nightshade extraction is also suitable for the “jet-lagged” population, it is not prone to dose-dependent effects.