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Urolithin A benefits for muscle growth

In the last article, we focused on some natural food sources rich in urolithin A and its anti-aging benefits, and in today’s article, we’re going to learn about how urolithin A can help with muscle growth.

Q: Can urolithin A help with weight loss?

Yes! Urolithin A can help with weight loss.

Q: What weight loss principle? (work principle)

  1. Influences cellular lipid metabolism and fat formation: Urolithin A significantly reduces triglyceride (TG) accumulation and increases fatty acid (FA) oxidation in human adipocytes and hepatocytes cultured in vitro.
  2. Enhanced adipose tissue thermogenesis: Through a previously undiscovered thermoregulatory pathway, Urolithin A positively affects body temperature, energy expenditure, and body weight in mice. This effect may be through the activation of a mechanism that enhances adipose tissue thermogenesis, thereby promoting energy expenditure and weight loss.
  3. Interaction with Thyroid Hormones: Studies have also found an interaction between Urolithin A and thyroid hormones. It can convert more inactive T4 into active T3 by activating deiodinase 2, which may further affect energy metabolism and weight control.

A study from the Northwest A&F University in Xi’an suggests:

Urocitin A enhances brown fat function, promotes white fat beige coloration, increases lipid metabolism, and reduces body weight in mice, The experiment is this:

The researchers fed the mice a high-fat diet and a daily dose of 30 mg of urolithin A. After two weeks, the mice in the urolithin A group weighed significantly less than the control group. At 10 weeks, the weight of the urolithin A group was on average 23.5% lower than that of the control group.


Urocitin A prevents high-fat diet-induced obesity


Analysis of the body composition of the mice showed that the reduced body weight of the mice in the urolithin A group was essentially fat. Compared to the control mice, the mice in the urolithin A group had 61.3% less fat and less than one-third the body fat percentage of the control group.


The mice in the urolithin A group had less mainly fat, and their lean mass was similar to that of the control group


Six weeks of urolithin A treatment also caused the mice to lose 17.6 percent of their body weight. Whether obesity is caused by diet or genetics, urolithin A is effective in preventing it! Its effectiveness in preventing obesity.

With more fat burned, the mice naturally had less body fat. Compared to the control mice, the brown fat, groin white fat and parietal white fat weights of the mice in the urolithin A group dropped by 37.4%, 57.2% and 46.1%, respectively.

So after reading the article, don’t you want to run off and eat a few more pomegranates right now?(just kidding)

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