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USP ashwagandha extract powder referance in Natural Field

In the fast-paced modern life, people are increasingly demanding better health and quality of life. As an ancient and precious herb, Ashwagandha extract (Ashwagandha root)is highly regarded for its excellent health benefits.

Natural Field, an ingredient manufacturer specializing in Ashwagandha powder, has always been committed to providing quality products that meet USP (United States Pharmacopeia) standards, bringing natural, healthy and safe choices to consumers.

Ashwagandha root extract, also known as Indian Ginseng Extract, is an herbal ingredient extracted from the root of the South African Drunken Tomato (Withania somnifera) plant. This plant is widely used in traditional Indian medicine (Ayurveda) and is believed to have a variety of health benefits.

The main constituents of Ashwagandha root extract include intoxicant lactones, etc. According to scientific studies, this extract has a variety of properties such as strengthening, stimulating and boosting the body’s immune system. It can help to relieve stress, strengthen the body’s resistance, improve sleep quality, improve concentration and memory etc.

In addition, Ashwagandha root extract is widely used in areas such as pharmaceutical supplements and food additives for beverages. Due to its unique health care functions, it has been widely noticed and sought after worldwide.

USP, or United States Pharmacopeia, is one of the globally recognized quality standards for pharmaceuticals, and Natural Field’s Ashwagandha powder is manufactured in strict accordance with USP standards to ensure the purity, stability and potency of the product. This gives its Ashwagandha powder a significant advantage in terms of quality.

Natural Field s Ashwagandha powder is sourced from natural, organic cultivation sites and undergoes a rigorous screening and purification process to retain the active ingredients and nutritional value of the plant. This makes its products more significant in terms of health effects, which can help consumers relieve stress, enhance immunity, improve sleep quality and so on.

In addition, USP standardized Ashwagandha powder is highly stable and safe. During the manufacturing process, Natural Field strictly follows USP’s specifications and requirements to ensure that the product’s microbial limits, heavy metal content and other key indicators meet international standards. This makes its products more stable during storage and use, reducing the risk of adverse reactions.

Natural Field also focuses on the sustainability and environmental friendliness of its products. During cultivation and processing, the company actively adopts environmentally friendly technologies and methods to minimize the impact on the environment. At the same time, the company also advocates consumers to use the products wisely to protect the earth’s homeland.

The following are the advantages of Natural Field Ashwagandha powder :

1. Own factroy production,stock over 2tons.

2.Withanolides contains much more, it is tested by HPLC, not UV, not by gravity

3.No additives at all

4.3rd party testing for heavy metal, nutrition testing is available

5. Certified Manufacturuer: FSSC22000, ISO22000, HALAL, KOSHER,HACCP etc.

Can Natural Field be an OEM and what are the OEMs that can do it?

Yes,capsules and tablet;

In conclusion, Natural Field’s USP Standard Ashwagandha Powder has won the trust and favor of consumers due to its superior quality, remarkable health effects, high stability and safety, and environmentally sustainable concept. In the future, Natural Field will continue to uphold this philosophy and bring more high-quality, healthy products to consumers.

So what are the benefits of it?

1.Stress Relief

Prolonged exposure to stress can imbalance a person’s mental and physical state, which can lead to other diseases such as: depression, hypertension, heart disease and metabolic disorders.

A systematic literature review and meta-analysis (Meta-Analysis, 12 randomized controlled trials with 1002 participants) indicated that South African Ginseng/Indian Ginseng Extract supplementation significantly reduced anxiety and stress levels compared to placebo.

Here are some experiments of the benefit:

Following are extracted from the article This popular supplement is ‘very effective’ at reducing stress, anxiety—but you shouldn’t use it all the time, doctor says

A 2021 systematic review published in the Journal of Herbal Medicine analyzed seven studies that tested the effects of ashwagandha on the stress and anxiety levels of nearly 500 adults in India. Researchers found that the groups who used ashwagandha for six to eight weeks saw a reduction in their levels of stress, anxiety and cortisol, and reported better sleep and less fatigue, than those who didn’t add the herb to their diet during the same time.

A 2022 clinical trial done in Florida with 60 men and women who reported that they were experiencing stress, tested the efficiency of ashwagandha capsules for 30 days. Those who received the supplements within that time frame reported positive changes in their levels of anxiety, stress, food cravings and depression, in comparison to those who didn’t take ashwagandha.

2.Beneficial Sleep Problems

In recent years, insomnia has become a common disorder that affects large numbers of people and impairs health. It is clinically characterized by difficulties in falling asleep or maintaining sleep or both, and results in impaired daily functioning.

physical performance

Clinical criteria for insomnia are an average sleep latency of more than 30 minutes, awakening more than 30 minutes after falling asleep, sleep efficiency of less than 85%, and a total sleep time of less than 6.5 hours, which can lead to fatigue, energy depletion, poor concentration, and irritability.

A systematic literature review and meta-analysis (Meta-Analysis, including 5 randomized controlled trials with a total of 400 participants) noted evidence of clinically beneficial effects (sleep latency, total sleep time, time to awaken after sleep onset, and measures of sleep efficiency) of a South African intoxicated eggplant/Indian ginseng extract in improving sleep, as compared to placebo.

3.Improving Physical Performance

Physical performance tests that assess physical performance can fall into one of two categories: basic ability tests and work simulations.

Basic ability tests assess an individual’s physical abilities, including muscular strength and flexibility. Tests such as sit-ups (muscular endurance), step tests (aerobic capacity), arm ergometry (muscular endurance), and seated stretching (flexibility) are basic ability tests.

Job simulations require individuals to perform simulated job tasks or components and may require equipment or tools used on the job

A systematic literature review and meta-analysis (Meta-Analysis, 12 studies with 615 healthy adults) indicated that South African Drinking Ginseng/Indian Ginseng supplementation helped improve strength/explosive power, cardiorespiratory fitness, and fatigue/recovery-related variables compared with placebo.