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Vitamin d3+k2 in athletic greens and Natural Field

what are Vitamin K2 and Vitamin D3?

Vitamin d3 and Vitamin k2 are both vitamins that are vital to human health.

Vitamin d3, also known as cholecalciferol, is a fat-soluble vitamin whose main function is to promote the body’s absorption of calcium and phosphorus, regulate blood calcium balance, and contribute to the normal development and maintenance of bones. There are two main sources of vitamin d3: one is through the conversion of 7-dehydrocholesterol in the skin under sunlight irradiation, which is the main way for the human body to obtain vitamin d3; the other is through food intake, such as animal food (e.g., cod liver oil, egg yolks, milk, etc.) contains a certain amount of vitamin d3.

Vitamin d3 is available to a wide range of people, including those who lack daily sunlight exposure, the elderly, women during pregnancy, those who do not consume enough dairy products, and those who suffer from osteoporosis. These populations may have insufficient intake or decreased synthesis of vitamin d3 for various reasons and therefore require additional vitamin d3 supplementation to maintain good health.

Vitamin k2 is a fat-soluble vitamin whose main function is to promote bone formation and inhibit bone resorption, which has the effect of preventing osteoporosis. In addition, vitamin k2 is also involved in the blood clotting process, which has the effect of preventing bleeding symptoms. Vitamin k2 mainly acts on bone, blood vessels and other organs, and plays an important role in maintaining the normal function of these organs. The main source of vitamin k2 is intestinal bacterial metabolism, but it can also be ingested through food, such as fermented foods (e.g., natto, cheese, etc.) which contain some amount of vitamin k2.

Overall, both vitamin d3 and vitamin k2 are very important vitamins for human health, and they play important roles in maintaining bone health, promoting calcium absorption and blood clotting. In order to maintain good health, we should take care to consume enough vitamin d3 and vitamin k2, especially for those who need extra supplements of these vitamins under certain circumstances. At the same time, we should also maintain a healthy lifestyle, including a balanced diet, moderate exercise, and adequate sleep, in order to promote the body’s absorption and utilization of vitamins.


That are mainly in the following aspects:

athletic green

athletic greens

  1. High Quality Raw Materials: Athletic Greens selects the raw materials for Vitamin d3 and k2 with strict quality control to ensure that they are sourced from reliable, pure and efficient suppliers. This strict control of the quality of the raw materials ensures the high quality of the products.
  2. Scientifically formulated: Athletic Greens’ Vitamin d3 and k2 products are carefully developed and scientifically formulated to provide the optimal dosage for the human body. This ratio ensures that Vitamin d3 and k2 work optimally in the body to promote calcium absorption and utilization, maintain bone health, and help prevent bleeding symptoms.
  3. EASY ABSORPTION: Athletic Greens’ Vitamin d3 and k2 products utilize an advanced manufacturing process to ensure that Vitamins d3 and k2 are easily absorbed into the body. This ease of absorption allows Vitamin d3 and k2 to work faster, increasing the effectiveness of the product.
  4. COMPREHENSIVE SUPPLEMENTATION: Athletic Greens’ Vitamin D3 and k2 products are just part of a comprehensive nutritional supplement brand. By purchasing Athletic Greens products, users can get a comprehensive and balanced nutritional supplement that meets the body’s needs for various vitamins and minerals.
  5. High safety: Athletic Greens’ Vitamin d3 and k2 products are manufactured in strict compliance with relevant regulations and standards to ensure the safety and reliability of the products. In addition, the products have also undergone stringent quality testing and evaluation to ensure that they are harmless to the human body.

Natural Field Vitamin k2 and d3

Advantages of Natural Field over athletic greens:

  1. Purely Natural Sources: Natural Field’s Vitamin D3 and K2 may focus more on extracts from natural foods or plants, which are more likely to maintain the vitamins’ original activity and bioavailability while avoiding the potential side effects of chemical synthesis processes.
  2. Higher Concentrations: Natural Field’s products may offer higher concentrations of Vitamin D3 and K2, which can be an advantage for people who need to supplement with large amounts of these vitamins. Higher concentrations of vitamins can better meet the body’s needs and improve the effectiveness of the supplement.
  3. No additives: Natural Field’s products may pay more attention to no additives, no preservatives, no artificial colors, etc. Such products are healthier and safer, which is in line with the modern pursuit of a green and healthy lifestyle.
  4. Personalized formulations: Natural Field may offer a variety of Vitamin D3 and K2 products with different formulations to meet the needs of different people. For example, personalized formulas are provided for people of different ages and health conditions, making supplementation more precise and effective.
  5. Price advantage: Since Natural Field may focus more on extracting vitamins directly from natural sources, avoiding intermediate links and high R&D costs, its products may be more competitively priced, making high-quality vitamin supplementation products more accessible to a wider range of people.

Vitamin D3 Powder

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Vitamin K2

Natural Field vitamin k2 real shot pictures

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