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What are the foods that are high in luteolin?

luteolin are a flavonoid found in vegetables, fruits and plants a biologically active ingredient.


structure of luteolin

Foods containing luteolin in Oriental medicine; used to treat high blood pressure, inflammatory diseases and cancer as well as to boost the immune system.

♥Foods containing luteolin: chamomile tea, broccoli, melon, pumpkin, blueberries, parsley, rosemary, peas, grapes, honey, black tea, oolong tea.

Here are 2 common luteolin foods:



Chamomile has a wide range of anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, so it is often used as an ingredient in health foods and food products.Chamomile tea helps relieve sleep problems, digestive problems, and can reduce anxiety and nerve pain such as headaches.

Extracts of chamomile are also used for topical applications outside the body, be it burns, insect bites, and so on.According to recent studies, chamomile tea may also have potential efficacy in preventing tumors, cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

02.Chrysanthemum tea

Chrysanthemum tea

In addition to being a general food ingredient, chrysanthemum also belongs to a kind of Chinese herbal medicine.Chrysanthemum tea is a common herbal tea drink that is rich in lignans and other plant flavonoids and other naturally occurring active ingredients that have a wealth of health benefits.

The luteolin in chrysanthemum tea help neutralize free radicals and reduce cellular damage, and are also effective in relieving pain and reducing inflammation.

Other plant flavonoids in chrysanthemum tea not only strengthen the immune system, but may also help lower blood sugar, improve digestion, and positively affect the respiratory system!

Since so many kinds of foods contain luteolin, how does luteolin help our bodies?


UV radiation causes a variety of immediate and long-term harmful effects, including sunburn, photoaging, etc. UVB radiation can cause damage to the skin characterized by the formation of sun-damaged cells, inducing oxidative damage to cellular components and an acute inflammatory response. Reactive oxygen species are produced by transferring electromagnetic energy from UVB radiation to molecular oxygen, and at least 50% of UVB-induced damage can be attributed to the formation of reactive oxygen species.An increase in hydrogen peroxide production of twice the minimal erythemal dose can be observed in vivo 10 minutes after UVB exposure.


It is currently believed that the anti-inflammatory activity of lignans is related to the inhibition of the production of nitric oxide (NO) and other inflammatory cytokines such as tumor necrosis factor-alpha (TNF-alpha) and interleukin-6 (IL-6), inhibition of phosphorylation of the protein complexin, and nuclear transcription factor KB (NF-KB)-mediated gene expression.


Mucuna pruriens can induce apoptosis of tumor cells by targeting the regulation of signal transmissions, gene expression, enzyme activation or inhibition in cell growth, thus achieving the effect of inhibiting tumor growth. This effect has potential applications for the prevention and treatment of many types of cancer.


1.Antibacterial and antiviral

luteolin can inhibit the growth of some bacteria and viruses, which is helpful for the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases.

2.Protecting the nervous system: luteolin also has the effect of protecting the nervous system, improving memory and cognitive function. This is potentially valuable in the prevention and treatment of neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease.

✅what is a right dosage of luteolin?

The dosage of lignocaine varies depending on the area of application and the specific situation.

In general, for oral lignocaine, a common dosage range is 20-40 mg per dose, three times daily. However, this is only a common reference range and the actual dosage should be determined based on factors such as individual circumstances, type of disease, doctor’s recommendation, and drug formulation.

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