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What do you know about Pterostilbene?

What do you know about Pterostilbene?

pterocarpinol is a chemical component that was originally found in rosewood, hence the name Pterocarpinol after this plant. Santalol is white or off-white powder crystal, which has important medicinal value. It is considered an antifungal active ingredient in hemostatic products and has shown some effectiveness in the treatment of cancer, hypertension and hyperlipidemia.


What are the effects of Pterostilbene?

It is a kind of plant, is a valuable Chinese medicinal material for both medicine and food, and is widely used in traditional Chinese medicine. Pterostilbene is believed to have a variety of effects, it can help strengthen the body’s immune system and regulate the body’s health. Here are some of its main benefits:

1. Nourish the liver and kidney: Pterostilbene contains a variety of active compounds that are beneficial to the liver and kidney, which can help regulate the liver function and promote the detoxification effect of the kidney, thus enhancing the function of the liver and kidney.

2. Regulate blood sugar: Pterostilbene contains a variety of compounds beneficial to diabetics, which can help regulate blood sugar levels, reduce insulin resistance, and prevent the occurrence of diabetes.

3. Enhance immunity: Pterostilbene can help promote immune system function, antiviral and antibacterial infection, improve the body’s immunity, eliminate fatigue, and enhance the body’s resistance.

4. Improve sleep: Rosewood stilbene can improve the body’s relaxed state, help improve sleep quality, relieve fatigue and anxiety symptoms.

In short, rosewood stilbene is a precious Chinese herbal medicine, its main effect is to nourish the liver and kidney, regulate blood sugar, enhance immunity and improve sleep. There are many people who often contact electronic products, coupled with work stress and pressure, resulting in a decline in the body’s immunity, at this time eating rosewood stilbene can play a good health role. However, in order to achieve the best effect, it is necessary to eat a reasonable diet in accordance with your own situation, and regularly carry out physical health care and maintain good lifestyle habits, which will contribute to the health of the body.