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What is a right fisetin supplement dosage?

Fisetin powder can be used in a number of applications as detailed below:


1.Healthcare field:

Fisetin Powder has powerful antioxidant properties that help scavenge free radicals from the body and reduce oxidative stress, thereby protecting cells from damage.

2.It also has anti-inflammatory properties that help relieve inflammatory symptoms such as arthritis and gastritis.

3.Studies have shown that Fisetin powder can lower blood pressure, cholesterol levels and help prevent cardiovascular diseases.

4.It also enhances brain function and improves memory and concentration.

5.In addition, Fisetin powder strengthens the immune system, improves resistance and reduces the incidence of disease.

6.Skin Care Area:

Fisetin powder has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects, which help to improve skin condition and slow down skin aging.

Some high-quality skin care products are also added with Fisetin powder, which helps to improve skin condition and make skin smoother, firmer and more elastic.

(IMP)Note: Although Fisetin powder has many benefits, excessive intake may also cause discomfort. Therefore, please follow product instructions and doctor’s advice during use.

The above information is for reference only. If necessary, you are advised to consult the relevant literature or a professional.

Why we should take fisetin?

Fisetin has significant potential health benefits with minimal to no side effects. It is also more affordable to purchase supplements containing fisetin, so it makes sense to start supplementing with fisetin if human studies can replicate its beneficial effects.

Limited clinical studies have been conducted on humans, making it difficult to provide recommendations for safe and effective daily dosage. Many supplements contain around 100–500 mg of fisetin, which is a much higher dosage than in food sources. Although a dosage of 100 mg was safely used in one clinical trial, the safety of long-term use is still unknown.