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What is Aloin?

What is aloe vera extract aloin?

Aloin is a natural organic compound, concentrated and dried from the SAP of Aloe barbadensis Miller, a monocotyledonous plant in the lily family. Aloe vera has complex chemical components, and the most important one is aloin, which has the effects of enhancing immune function, anti-tumor, detoxification and defecation, antibacterial, anti-stomach damage, liver protection and skin protection.


What effect does aloin have?

The effects of aloin include removal of metabolic waste in the body, sterilization, blood circulation, etc., need to follow the doctor’s advice to use.

1, Remove metabolic waste in the body: aloin is the component of aloe vera, has the effect of inhibiting excessive immune response, enhancing the phagocytosis function, and can effectively remove metabolic waste in the body.

2, Sterilization: aloin is a strong antibacterial substance, can kill a variety of fungi, mold, bacteria, viruses and other germs, can inhibit and eliminate the development and reproduction of pathogens.

3, Blood circulation: aloin can promote blood circulation, dilate capillaries, so as to make blood circulation smooth, remove toxins in the blood, can promote blood circulation.

What are the benefits of adding aloe vera to food?

With a water content of 99.5%, aloe Vera gel is a zero-calorie food and a true sugar-free food.

Aloin preservation:

The content of aloin decreased rapidly at 80℃ and remained unchanged at 15℃. Therefore, aloin should not be heated, and low temperature should be paid attention to when stored; The content of aloin decreases gradually under strong light irradiation and should be kept away from light.

With the increase of PH, the stability of aloin decreased gradually.

The relatively stable environment of aloin is: temperature 15℃, light protection (solid) and PH=1 acidic environment (liquid).

Some studies about aloin

1. Researchers conducted an 8-week experiment on a group of diabetic patients, and the results showed that patients who used aloe vera extract had a reduction in both fasting and postprandial blood sugar levels. At the same time, the antioxidant capacity of the patients’ red blood cells and plasma was also improved.

2. In addition, another study conducted by Iranian scholars also confirmed the hypoglycemic effect of aloe vera, pointing out that the active ingredients in aloe vera can stimulate the secretion of insulin, thereby reducing blood sugar levels.

3. A Korean study found that ingredients in aloe vera can improve cells’ sensitivity to insulin, thereby improving insulin resistance, which is crucial for people with diabetes.

To sum up, aloe Vera has a significant effect in the treatment of diabetes, which can effectively manage diabetes by lowering blood sugar and improving insulin resistance.

Application of aloin in cosmetics:

1. Moisturize
Aloe contains aloe polysaccharides, amino acids and natural moisturizing factors of the same composition, has a good moisture. Aloe vera extract can provide a natural moisturizing system for the skin. Experimental studies have shown that aloe vera in the emulsion system, its optimal moisturizing concentration is 40%-50% (the content of aloe vera juice in the formula), and its moisturizing property is better than hyaluronic acid and 5% glycerin.

2. Sun protection
The main component of sunscreen in aloe vera is anthraquinone substances (aloin). Because of the existence of a long conjugated system, anthraquinone substances will have a strong ultraviolet absorption peak in the ultraviolet region, and can absorb ultraviolet rays in the range of 320-380nm. Aloe anthraquinones absorb ultraviolet energy and convert it into fluorescence that has no damaging effect on the skin.

3. Wound healing
The gibberellin (a plant growth hormone) in aloe vera promotes wound healing by increasing the rate of protein synthesis.