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Whitening Comparison:l glutathione VS vitamin C

Both l glutathione and Vitamin C are highly regarded whitening ingredients in the quest for whiter skin.

So what exactly are the similarities and differences between l glutathione and Vitamin C in whitening? Which one is more effective? And for what groups of people are they respectively suitable?In this paper, we will look at these three perspectives.


I. Similarities

  1. Antioxidant effect: l glutathione and Vitamin C both have a strong antioxidant effect, can neutralize free radicals, reduce UV rays and other external factors on the skin damage, thus slowing down the aging of the skin, improve the complexion of dull.
  2. Promote collagen synthesis: both can promote the synthesis of collagen in the skin, enhance the elasticity and firmness of the skin, so that the skin is smoother and more delicate.


  1. Whitening Mechanism: L glutathione achieves whitening effect mainly by inhibiting the formation of melanin and accelerating the shedding of aged stratum corneum; while Vitamin C reduces melanin production by inhibiting tyrosinase activity and promotes the metabolism of the melanin already produced to make the skin whiter gradually.
  2. Mode of action: l glutathione is usually used as a topical skincare product, which works by applying it on the surface of the skin; while Vitamin C can be used both in the form of topical skincare products and supplemented by internal use to improve the condition of the skin.


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which is more effective?

Regarding the question of which is more effective, l glutathione or Vitamin C, there is actually no clear answer. Because everyone’s skin condition, absorption ability and reaction are different, the whitening effect for different ingredients will also vary. In addition, the whitening effect is also affected by a variety of factors such as the method of use, dosage, product quality and so on. Therefore, choosing the right whitening ingredients and products for you is the key.

which groups of people are suitable for them?(Applicable People)

  1. L-glutathione is suitable for people: L-glutathione is suitable for people who wish to improve dull skin color, reduce pigmentation and enhance skin elasticity. It is especially suitable for those who have a high demand for whitening effect and are willing to use it consistently for a long time. In addition, L-glutathione is also suitable for people with dry skin as it has a certain moisturizing effect.
  2. Vitamin C for people: Vitamin C is suitable for people who want to improve uneven skin color, lighten acne marks and reduce wrinkles. Because it can promote collagen synthesis, it is especially suitable for people with loose skin and lack of elasticity. In addition, Vitamin C also has a certain anti-inflammatory effect, and has a certain soothing effect on people with sensitive skin or those who are prone to redness.

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